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  • Water dynamics of forests : one-dimensional modelling
  • Clearcut logging, vegetation dynamics and human wisdom
  • Dynamics of the active plate boundary in southwest Columbia according to recent geophysical measurement
  • Géomorphologie dynamique dans les régions intertropicales = Dynamical geomorphology in tropical regions.
  • Introductory dynamical oceanography.
  • Mapping of slope exposure in Environmental and dynamic geomorphology.
  • Vegetation dynamics.
  • Factors influencing structural landform dynamics on the Colorado Plateau about the necessity of calibrating theoretical models by empirical data in Geomorphological models. Theoretical and empirical aspects.
  • Structural landform dynamics are investigated in the central parts of the Colorado Plateau, a semiarid area of relatively uniform climatic conditions. The influence of the controlling factors is statistically analyzed and the causal links between
  • Dynamic pedogenesis : new views on some key soil concepts, and a model for interpreting Quaternary soils
  • A model of pedogenesis is presented in an evolutional paradigm that emphasizes the integrated effects of dynamic and passive pedogenic vectors in directing pathways and in controlling rates of soil genesis through time. This model helps explain
  • Coastally trapped disturbances in the lower atmosphere : dynamic commonalities and geographic diversity
  • that the fundamental dynamics of the disturbances is in each case governed by the hydrostatic and semigeostrophic approximations. The latter implies that a geostrophic balance exists between the alongshore velocity of the motion and the across-shore pressure gradient.
  • Convective and dynamic instability in meridional trenches
  • -Kamchatka and Japan trenches. It was noted that dynamic stability condition in bottom layers of these trenches vary within tidal cycle. Interest to the problem of water stability in deep-sea basins was stimulated by discussion on possibility to bury
  • Spatial scale dependence of sediment dynamics in a semi-arid badland drainage basin
  • Results and discussion of simulated rainfall experiments. Comparison of micro- and mesoscale sediment dynamics indicates that microscale thresholds are not by necessity in evidence at the mesoscale. In addition, at the mesoscale, elements exist
  • Ice-sheet dynamics and glacial history of southeasternmost Baffin Island and Outermost Hudson Strait
  • Baffin Island and adjacent Hudson Strait during the last glaciation (late Foxe Glaciation). The glacial history of this region defines dynamic relationships between major domes of the Laurentide ice sheet.
  • The dynamics of rainsplash erosion and the role of soil aggregate stability
  • it is shown that their temporal dynamics as regards splash loss is consistent with this proposed sequence, and that in addition aggregate stability does directly relate to total splash loss over a 50 minute period of rain. By now considering the soil
  • Sediments and dynamical processes in Geomorphology of the Wadden Sea area, final report of the section Geomorphology of the Wadden Sea Working Group.
  • The dynamical processes in the Wadden Sea area are extremely strong, manifold, as well as periodically and aperiodically changing. Consequently sediment is moved very often and the geomorphological pattern of forms is changing continuously. (From
  • Lake bottom dynamics and morphometry: the dynamic ratio
  • Effects of fire on structure, dynamics and regeneration of Quercus pyrenaica ecosystems
  • Post-fire dynamics of shrubland dominated by Papilionaceae plants
  • Dynamic and synoptic climatology
  • Terra vibrata : some observations on the dynamics of soil landscapes