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  • Deep structure and recent dynamics in the Alps in Mountain building processes.
  • Use of the linear quadratic approach to study the dynamic policy responses of a non linear model of the French economy
  • Dynamic policy responses of a model of the French economy. Advantage is taken of the linear behavior of the model around a reference trajectory. The linear approximation of the implicit state variable representation is determined by stepwise
  • regressions. The examination of the 10 control variables has little influence in modifying the autonomous dynamics of the model. (INRA).
  • Environmental geomorphology in Hungary in Environmental and dynamic geomorphology.
  • The double aim of geomorphology in Hungary (its impact on the main factors of the physical environment and on land use and economy on the one hand and the effects of relief instability and dynamic disequilibria on human activity on the other
  • Hodnotenie prirodnych predpokladov dynamického cestovného ruchu v Slovenskej socialistickej republike Evaluation of natural assumptions of dynamic tourism in the Slovak Socialist Republic
  • Relief, clima, hydrology, caves, zoological, botanical gardens and other attractivities of landscape provoking emotions in tourism's participants are evaluated. The potential of landscape for dynamic tourism of Slovakia was estimated. - (MS)
  • Solle als Dokumente der Eisdynamik. (Kettle holes as documents of ice-dynamics)
  • South-Western of Rostock a number of kettle holes are to be found, which are located in the form of garlands. This phenomenon is discussed and interpreted as a result of the movement dynamics of glaciers.
  • Depositional models and ice-front dynamics in northwestern Poland : a methodological approach
  • Stedelijk dynamiek in Nederland. (Urban dynamism in the Netherlands)
  • Vegetation dynamics in coastal wetlands. An example in Northern Italy : the Bardello
  • On the dynamics of passenger traffic divides
  • Urban dynamics and the new firm: the position of Amsterdam in the Northern rimcity in New firms and regional development in Europe.
  • Principles and methods of estimating erosion hazard around Lake Balaton in Environmental and dynamic geomorphology.
  • Paleogeomorphologic significance of redeposited dolomite in the Transdanubian Mountains in Environmental and dynamic geomorphology.
  • A morphographic description of the Transdanubian Mountains in Environmental and dynamic geomorphology.
  • Present tendencies in the dynamics of Romania's relief
  • A dynamic model of rift zone petrogenesis and the regional petrology of Iceland
  • Landscape typology and evaluation of the Balaton Riviera in Environmental and dynamic geomorphology.
  • Sàstaviane na tematicni karti za dinamikata na naselenieto Drawing a set of thematic maps on population dynamics
  • Compiling 4 thematic maps reflecting population dynamics in Bulgaria along with methodical guide-lines after CHEPKASOV and BOURYAN (1985). The first map presents the urbanisation changes over a period of 39 years. The second map illustrates
  • the space differences between the rural and urban population and relevant negative tendencies. The third map concerns the population dynamics for the whole period as well as for subperiods. This is shown on the example of the Lovec district. The fourth map
  • sums up the mair trends and reveals three types of population dynamics in the Lovec district : progressive (5 municipalities including main urban centers), stable (2 municipalities) and regressive (25 municipalities - mostly rural). - (MB)
  • Dynamics of shallow groundwater temperature in the Vistula abandoned valley, the P ock basin
  • Identification and description of shallow groundwater temperature dynamics down to the depth of 3 m in sandy-gravelly deposits of the Vistula abandoned valley. For the purpose of establishing relationships between groundwater temperature and air
  • Social structure and spatial mobility. Composition and dynamics of the Dutch labour force.
  • Languedoc-Roussillon: dynamic growth in the sunlit South