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  • Dynamics of food policy formulation in the USA
  • The internal dynamics of shanty towns in Jamaica
  • of development and the internal dynamics of these settlements over a 20 year period are discussed. Includes glossary of Jamaican terms related to shanty town life. (MPM).
  • From Hamburger Alley to Hedgerose Heights : toward a model of restaurant location dynamics
  • Some dynamics of central city-suburban interactions in Pap. Proceed. 92nd Meeting Americ. Econ. Assoc..
  • Locational factors and dynamics of Montreal's large garment complex
  • A catastrophe model of regional dynamics
  • The dynamics of transit innovation in Los Angeles in Los Angeles : capital of the late twentieth century.
  • Forest vegetation of the Colorado Front Range. Composition and dynamics
  • Settlement change in Spanish America: the dynamics of Congregacion in the Cuchumatan Highlands of Guatemala, 1541-1821
  • Studien über Klimaschwankungen und Vegetationsdynamik in Mexico. TeilI: Kimafluktuationen in Mexiko seit dem Beginn der meteorologischen Beobachtungsperioden Studies about climatic fluctuations and dynamics of vegetation in Mexico. PartI: Climatic
  • Dynamics of the transmission of employment effects across metropolitan areas
  • Housing in an internationalizing region : housing stock dynamics in Southern California and the dilemmas of fair share in Los Angeles : capital of the late twentieth century.
  • Regional dynamics of manufacturing and non-manufacturing investment in Canada
  • Forest dynamics in south-central Chile
  • Local state dynamics and gentrification in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Dynamic properties of the 1966-1971 Canadian spatial population system
  • The dynamics of growth in a regional urban system: Southern Ontario, 1851-1971
  • The dynamics of regional capital accumulation in New directions in regional and interregional modeling.
  • Structure and dynamics of old-growth Nothofagus forests in the Valdivian Andes, Chile
  • Office location dynamics in Toronto: suburbanization and central district specialization in (Quaternary Place Theory).