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  • Coastal dynamics ; Coastal environment ; Coastal erosion ; Coastal geomorphology ; Coastal management ; Erosion control ; Local policy ; New Jersey ; Sediment budget ; United States of America
  • [b1] Sandy Hook Cooperative Research Programs, Inst. of Marine and Coastal Sciences, State Univ. New Jersey, Sandy Hook, Etats-Unis
  • Beach ridge ; Climatic variation ; Coastal dynamics ; Coastal environment ; Coastal geomorphology ; Cold area ; Glacial features ; Norway ; Norwegian Sea ; Sediment transport ; Vertical movement
  • Some bays having the same isostatic rebound and dynamic conditions have been studied to test if the number of beach ridges in each locality is significant to prove climatic changes, storminess, and rates of sediment accumulation, or if the number
  • with clast and surface interference during transport. One year after, the coastal environment in northwest Sumatra is still in a post-tsunami dynamic.