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  • A karszt biologiai produktum. (Karsts are biological products)
  • science has unambiguously demonstrated that most of the karst phenomena on the surface of the Earth reflect the effect of the activity of the biological world. (CK).
  • Charakteristik der chemischen und biologischen Ozeanologie der Ostsee. (Characterization of chemical and biological oceanology of the Baltic Sea)
  • Action anthropique ; Atlantique ; Baltique ; Biologie marine ; Eau de mer ; Ecosystème ; Equilibre écologique ; Géographie de l'Europe ; Mer ; Mer bordière ; Océanologie ; Production biologique
  • the seasonal changes of the chemical and biological conditions in the surface layer, the long term changes of the chemical conditions in the stagnating deep water and long-term trends of chemical and biological processes in the Baltic Sea are discussed. (HL).
  • A short review of biological agromet models in Remote sensing application in agriculture and hydrology.
  • Agrométéorologie ; Géographie humaine ; Modèle ; Production végétale ; Prévision ; Récolte
  • Biological diversity and local development : « popping beans » of the Central Andes
  • Agricultural product ; Agricultural resources ; Andes ; Bolivia ; Crop ; Food ; Latin America ; Mountain ; Peru ; Vegetables
  • Geographical patterns in the biological productivity of soil-and-vegetation associations of Northern Eurasia
  • Différenciation spatiale ; Ecologie quantitative ; Eurasie ; Limite ; Phytomasse ; Production primaire ; Sol ; Végétation
  • Boundary ; Eurasia ; Phytomass ; Primary production ; Quantitative ecology ; Soil ; Spatial differentiation ; Vegetation
  • , de la production annuelle, de la masse morte, des vitesses de dégradation. Les valeurs minimales et maximales de la production biologique sont données pour chaque zone thermique, domaine bioclimatique, province, zone. Deux limites biohydrothermiques
  • Biological productivity of Siberian ecosystems
  • Ecologie quantitative ; Forêt ; Marais ; Phytomasse ; Prairie ; Production primaire ; Russie d'Asie ; Sibir' ; Steppe ; Toundra
  • Asian part of Russia ; Bog ; Forest ; Meadow ; Phytomass ; Primary production ; Quantitative ecology ; Siberia ; Steppe ; Tundra
  • Etude des données bibliographiques pour 3 facteurs de productivité: réserves de phytomasse, masse morte et production annuelle pour tous les écosystèmes de Sibérie. Les données sont classées selon la division du territoire en zones thermiques et en
  • In the thermodynamic theory of aquatic ecosystems the non-linear relations between rates and affinities of biological processes, such as primary production, respiration, grazing etc. can be determined using an optimun principle. Especially
  • , the dependence of primary production rate on light intensity, temperature, dissolved inorganic matter and on the biomass can be derived. (HL).
  • Zur Darstellung integrativer standortkundlicher und produktionsbiologischer Merkmale nach einem allgemeinem Modell der geookologischen Raumstruktur. (On the presentation of integrative site-informatory and production-biological features after
  • Aménagement du paysage ; Ecologie ; Géographie physique ; Milieu marin ; Modèle ; Niveau marin ; Production biologique ; Structure géoécologique ; Structure spatiale
  • Characteristics of carbon flux in two biologically crusted soils in the Gurbantunggut Desert, Northwestern China
  • carbon flux in biologically crusted soils after 0, 2, 5, and 15 mm precipitation treatments. Carbon flux between crusted soil and bareland had no significant difference. The average carbon flux rate and total carbon production increased exponentially
  • with the precipitation amount. This study indicates that biological soil crusts do not increase the respiration of soil, but increases the temperature dependence of soil carbon flux because of the higher microbial biomass than bareland.
  • Karst is a biological product
  • Biological oceanographic processes.
  • processus chimiques, la production primaire et secondaire et les divers cycles biologiques du domaine pélagique. De même, à partir de la répartition de la vie benthique, ils en arrivent aux processus chimiques et à la production du benthos. Le dernier
  • Interlinking of physical and biological processes in the Antarctic ocean in Oceanography and marine biology. An annual review.
  • Antarctique ; Biologie marine ; Biomasse ; Ecosystème ; Eté ; Faune marine ; Glace ; Glace de mer ; Géographie des régions polaires ; Hiver ; Milieu marin ; Production primaire ; Variation saisonnière ; Zone froide
  • Au moment où est lancé le programme Biomass dans l'océan Austral, l'A. souligne que la vie n'y foisonne pas autant qu'on l'a cru, car le manque de lumière dû à la latitude et à l'agitation de la surface est un facteur limitatif de la production
  • Use of satellite images in mapping of biological diversity in Senegal
  • The aim of the project is to develop a method for mapping and monitoring of biological diversity in the Sahel zone. Sahel is undergoing marked environmental changes, affecting not only human populations but also ecological communities. These ongoing
  • processes have biological implications on both national and international levels. The Sahelian biotopes hold a number of endemic biological assets and constitute the main wintering ground for a significant number of Palearctic migratory bird species.
  • Biogeochemistry ; Biological indicator ; Don ; European part of Russia ; Geochemistry ; Pollution ; Sedimentation ; Stream ; Toxic product ; biological resources
  • According to Hainan Island's biological characteristics, and existing structure of productivity of tropical crops and local climatic conditions, this paper carries on regional division of tropical crops by fuzzy mathematics. Based on calculation
  • of basic parameters for the formation of production, near-term optimum models of tropical crops structure of each region was established by means of multi-objective programming.
  • Palaeoecological evidence for environmental change during the last 200 years. I. Biological data
  • This paper reviews the role of biological data for assessing ecosystem change during the last 200 years, with examples from North America and Europe where most of this research, has to date, been concentrated.
  • There are considered the floodplain geocomplexes in the middle and lower reaches of the Protva river and their peculiarities related to the influence of differences in the history of development and hydrological regime of the river. The biological
  • productivity and circulation of chemical elements, composition of the humus of the soils and silt deposits, and the anthropogenic transformations of the flood-plain geocomplexes and the prospects of their economic use are characterized.
  • Aquatic ecosystem ; Biological indicator ; Chemical pollution ; Ecosystem ; European part of Russia ; Heavy metals ; Lake ; Murmansk ; Toxic product ; Zoning ; Zooplankton
  • The ecological impacts of the joint Hungarian-Czechoslovak project are studied in the production, accumulation and decomposition phases of the biological cycle. The barrage will produce a unilateral effect of the upper reaches on the ones downstream