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  • Aspectes problematics del turisme a les Baleares
  • The common land registers of England and Wales: a problematic data source
  • Crisis amid plenty revisited : comments on the problematic potential of Russian oil
  • Problematic integration of Mongolian-Kazakh return migrants in Kazakhstan
  • Problematizing geopolitics: survey, statesmanship and strategy
  • Maximum likelihoad classification, optimal or problematic? A comparison with the nearest neighbour classification
  • Urban economic structure and the urban underclass : an examination of two problematic social phenomena
  • Problematizing city/state relations : towards a geohistorical understanding of contemporary globalization
  • Too many voices, too problematic to be plausible : representing multiple responses to local economic development strategies ?
  • Observations on the problematic potential of Russian oil and complexities of Siberia
  • Neighbourhood effects on school achievement : the mediating effect of parenting and problematic behaviour?
  • This article analyses neighbourhood effects on school achievement through the mediating effect of parenting and problematic behavior in the Netherlands. The results show that the effects of the proportion of immigrant groups and the mean property
  • values in the neighbourhood are unlikely to be mediated by parenting behaviours and problematic behaviour. They also show that parents are likely to adapt their parenting behaviours to demographic neighbourhood characteristics. For example, parents
  • Problematic status of corporate regulation in the United States : towards a new moral order
  • The Department of Puno as a territory to be developed in Southern Peru-Geographic views on the problematics of integration
  • The goal is to draw attention to multiple competing definitions of biopolitics, and in so doing to problematize the term as a catchall category to describe either the nonsovereign or the sovereign operation of power. The AA. develop their own
  • This paper reviews the eruption sequence and reexamines some of the more problematic and challenging volcanological aspects of the Krakatau event. Various hypotheses about the cause of the tsunamis and explosions are reviewed and it is concluded
  • The subject of rural sociology is reviewed in the light of the 9th European Rural Sociological Congress in Helsinki in 1981. The future of rural areas is generally considered gloomy or at least problematic. In this respect, the retaining capacities
  • kibbutz and moshav settlements. Particularly problematic is the role of the Cooperative as providing the appropriate framework for management and flexibility. - (DN)
  • . Ethnic concentrations are not problematic in themselves, but policy can significantly enhance the situation of the inhabitants of specific neighbourhoods.
  • of the progressive change of model input parameters. The conclusion from the verification is that the progressive change of parameters is a suitable technique that improves the model performance in previously problematic areas. - (EN)