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  • An application of probability theory to rainfall data analyses
  • Probability-based models of spatial search
  • Behaviour ; Consumer behaviour ; Decision ; Probability ; Spatial choice ; Transport cost ; Trip
  • The A. develops and explores probability-based decision strategies for the consumer spatial search problem. They extend experimental and analytical work in psychology on repeated choice among alternatives. The models encompass a wide range
  • Starting from a general characterization of the theoretical probability-distributions first of all the discrete distributions are dealt with. The continuous distributions will follow in a further article. In the first part of this paper the function
  • of probability and distribution is demonstrated. The author chooses the probability-distribution as an example for the number of conveyances to a centre. In the following the characteristics (moments) of the discrete probability-distribution are explained. Some
  • special probability-distributions can be used in geography, these are the zero-one-distribution, the binomial distribution and the Poisson distribution. The author gives some examples for the application of these. The Poisson distribution is recommended
  • Some aspects on small probabilities. The probability of the improbable weather event in Climatological extremes in the mountains, Physical background, geomorphological and ecological consequences.
  • The probabilities for very large daily amounts are very small and very uncertain. Weather situations, when large daily amounts in Sweden during summer months can often be classified as long-lived and slow-moving thunderstorms in baroclinic
  • Probable consequences of climate change on freshwater production of Adams River sockeye salmon
  • The objective of this study is to evaluate the probable consequences of increasing atmospheric temperatures on the freshwater production of Adams River sockeye salmon.
  • Choice ; Mathematics ; Model ; Probability ; Stochastic model ; Utility fonction
  • by bringing out heterogeneity. An alternative representation of the class of random utility models possessing the invariance property is suggested. The characterization is stated in terms of the choice probabilities, and of the probability distribution
  • Synoptic-scale variability in the probability of precipitation from thunderstorms in the United States
  • A synoptic-scale climatology of precipitation amounts from thunderstorms is developed by analysis of amounts from individual storms for 220 stations in the conterminous United States for the period 1948-1977. The probability of having a thunderstorm
  • Probable paleoperiglacial morphosequences in the northern Blue Ridge
  • This paper focuses on deposits and structures with a probable paleoperiglacial origin and their relevance to landscape evolution of the Northern Blue Ridge, Maryland and Pennsylvania. The paper's purpose is threefold : to describe the periglacial
  • A probability model for the effects of distance on the demand for multiple facilities
  • Les modèles probabilistes ont été développés pour évaluer les effets probables de la distance sur la demande d'un ou de plusieurs services. L'A. présente une approximation de distributions de type poissonnien par la distribution binomiale.
  • Interchangeability of mountain permafrost probability models, Northwest Canada
  • Canada ; Linear regression ; Model ; Mountain ; Permafrost ; Probability ; Snow ; Temperature
  • The probable consequences of the repeal of the Group Areas Act for Pietermaritzburg in City of Pietermaritzburg.
  • On the basis of theoretical considerations and of experience elsewhere, considers the probable effects the repeal of this South African Act (No. 36 of 1966, as amended) could have on the city.
  • The probability of proof in geomorphology
  • The application of information theory in relation to the glacigenetic Type Bortensander or ice-marginal ramps (IMR) now allows the determination of the probability of the coincidental occurrence of characteristics and a measure of the probability
  • Geomorphology ; Hazard ; Landslide ; Model ; Natural hazards ; Probability ; Slovenia
  • the probability modelling of landslide hazard. In probability methods, the intensity and distribution of the processes are established by comparing indirectly determined landscape elements and the actual situation, while in deterministic methods, subjective
  • decisions have an impact on the result. AA. have elaborated a probability map for landslides with a fixed return period using the Dempster-Shafer method on the basis of the data on 800 landslides that occured with intensive precipitation in the fall of 1998
  • The spatial distribution of low flows in Poland not exceeded at an assumed probability
  • This paper presents the results of a fitting of most frequently-applied probability distributions to a series of minimum yearly flows. Specifically, the series of minimal annual discharges derived from 119 stream gauges located throughout Poland
  • and relating to the period 1971-1990. The main task was to adjust one of the probability distribution functions applied most frequently. Maps generated provide for the identification of several regularities.
  • Probable writing: Derrida, deconstruction, and the quantitative revolution in human geography
  • Elementary entropy maximising probability distributions: analysis and interpretation
  • Analysis of rainfall probabilities to determine maize species suitability : an agrometeorological study of Zambia
  • User control versus randomization in geographical probability sampling : a compromise solution using controlled sampling
  • The impact of unemployment insurance benefits on the probability of migration of the unemployed