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  • Economic development and the public-private partnership. Introduction to the symposium in Public-private partnerships in Pittsburgh.
  • GIS, noodzaak of luxe ? Een verkenning naar het grbruik van geografische informatiesystemen bij private ondernemingen in Nederland
  • GIS, necessity or luxury ? The use of Geographical Information Systems by private sector companies in the Netherlands
  • Enquiry ; Enterprise ; Geographical information system ; Information ; Netherlands (The) ; Private sector ; Technology
  • The growing interest in GIS has recently led to a diffusion of GIS in the private sector. This study presents the findings of a survey of an exploratory nature amongst private organisations in the Netherlands. The discussion examines the results
  • of a comprehensive survey of 2572 private companies. - (AGD)
  • Private economy in the Warsaw region. Against the background of development of private economy in Poland
  • Development ; Economic activity ; Economic sector ; Economy ; Employment ; Farming;Agriculture ; Foreign investment ; National economy ; National income ; Poland ; Private sector ; Region ; Spatial distribution ; Warsaw
  • Private sector of Polish economy in the post-war period : conditions of its activity and its development. Non-agricultural private sector in the region of Warsaw : spatial distribution and causes for location.
  • Big private developers and urban development.
  • Privatization and the delivery of mental health services
  • Taxation of private individuals
  • A public-private support system for community-based organizations in Pittsburgh in Public-private partnerships in Pittsburgh.
  • Public-private institutions and advanced technology development in Southwestern Pennsylvania in Public-private partnerships in Pittsburgh.
  • Privatisation of housing and the impact of the Conservative Government's initiatives on low-cost homeownership and private renting between 1979 and 1984 in England and Wales : 4. Private renting
  • Regional developement of Russian private farms: a comment
  • Agrarian reform ; Farm ; Farm size ; Private property ; Privatisation ; Russia
  • Public-private relationships and performance in service provision
  • Collective facilities ; Developing countries ; Facilities ; Infrastructure ; Private sector ; Public sector ; Public service ; Sanitation improvement ; Service ; Town ; Water supply
  • The article compares the arguments for private-sector involvement in service provision with practice in certain countries of Latin America, Africa and Asia. The organisational arrangements through which the motives for public-sector involvement may
  • be fulfilled while maximising private-sector participation are identified.
  • The government has launched a privatization program with the aim of creating a housing market in place of administrative allocation. The goals of the reformers are narrow, and the reforms yield little and contradictory private-ownership laws. In St
  • Petersburg, a short-lived privatization program collapsed in early 1993. Number of questions are asked: what is behind the privatization program, what forces are pushing for reforms, who opposes them and will privatization relieve the housing crisis?
  • The private sector, urban water conservation and developing countries : a stakeholder theory-driven perspective from Botswana
  • Botswana ; Management ; Private sector ; Urban economy ; Urbanization ; Water ; Water management ; Water needs
  • Botswana is a semi-arid and water scare country with a fast growing urban population. The private sector is an important actor for the urban economy to remain functional and competitive. The contribution of the private sector companies in water
  • Öffentlich / privat. Von strategischen Grenzziehungen in Gesellschaft und Raum.
  • Concept ; Definition ; Discourse ; Frontier ; Private space ; Public space
  • Activities of private developers and office location in the central region of Hiroshima city
  • The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relation between the development of office space, the location of office renting floor space and the influences of the activities of private developers on business office districts in Hiroshima City
  • Dividing the land: early American beginnings of our private property mosaic
  • Historical geography ; Land ; Landed estate ; Private property ; Settlement ; United States of America
  • Resource instrumentalism, privatization, and commodification in Law, regulation, and geography. 2.
  • Water law in the USA has facilitated agricultural, industrial and urban growth through the interrelated processes of resource privatization and commodification. Legislatures and courts have been concerned with resolving the contradictions between
  • Head and branch offices of big private enterprises in major cities of Japan
  • This article focuses on some aspect of economic management function performed by head and branch offices of big private enterprises located in the major cities of Japan, reviewing them from an historical perspective. (SGA).
  • Visualising the effect of private-sector involvement on redeveloped public spaces in the Netherlands
  • Netherlands (The) ; Private sector ; Public space ; Redevelopment ; Urban area
  • The paper visualises to what extent private-sector involvement affects redeveloped public spaces. Six-dimensional diagrams are set up as an analytical tool that enables the comparison of public spaces on a number of criteria. Eight squares
  • The production of private space and its implications for urban social relations
  • Arizona ; Private property ; Private space ; Public space ; Social control ; Societal relations ; United States of America ; Urban area ; Urban society