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  • Presented in this chapter is a historical review of research into the flora and vegetation of an area of the Malopolska Upland extending beyond the Nida Syncline. The review makes use of a series of original works and several review studies
  • . An attempt was made to pick out the main threads of the research done in the different periods, with particular attention being paid to work on xerothermic vegetation. - (DG)
  • On the basis of analysis of cartographic sources, work was done on the changes in the natural environment, and especially in land use, in the period of the last 200 years. The research took in a fragment of the Nida Syncline covering 700 km2 between
  • The aim of the work was to identify and present the distribution of forms arising as a result of various types of human activity. The trends in the transformation of the relief around Pinczów in most recent years were defined. Anthropogenic forms
  • Typological and spatial differentiation of the actual vegetation in the Pinczów sub-district (Nida Syncline). Phytosociological records used in the local typology work had been taken in 1984-1991. 87 basic typological units are discerned: 52 well
  • in the literature, materials collected in the south-western part of the area in the years 1960-1962, and those collected in the course of field work in 1986-1989. The account of the flora gives consideration to all species occurring wild, including those