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  • Aimé Perpillou was in every respect a classical French geographer trained in Paris by the direct disciples of Vidal de la Blache and remaining faithful to the ideas and practices of Albert Demangeon, his father-in-law. He saw his role
  • was able to focus on economic geography during his quarter century of teaching at the Sorbonne. His personal interests in transport geography were developed through the work of some of his doctoral students. Perpillou’s fascination for tracing changes
  • Daniel Faucher was trained in the Institut de Géographie Alpine in Grenoble, and worked in a provincial teacher-training college for over a decade. His doctoral thesis, written withencouragement from Raoul Blanchard, was a comprehensive regional
  • André Cholley was educated in the city of Lyon where he was taught by Emmanuel de Martonne. Cholley’s doctoral work on the Pre-Alps of Savoy embraced Vidalian regional geography and a Davisian approach to landscape analysis. Appointed
  • Born into an intellectual family, Jean Dresch was attracted to geography through mountaineering. Ten years of teaching in Morocco and membership of the Communist Party strengthened his opposition to the colonial system. His doctoral work focused