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  • The article presents the academic achievements of ten Polish researchers or political activists living in the 18th and 19th centuries, all of whom presage European political unification in some degree, in that their work advocates for, and seeks
  • to highlight the necessity of, brotherhood and unity among European nations. Perhaps even more significantly, the liquidation of political borders and the creation of a commonwealth of free states on the European continent is also promoted strongly in the works
  • that all were for the inclusion of the entirety of territories inhabited by populations of Ukrainian origin. The intellectual work in question involving the development of political concepts would go on to supply the inspiration underpinning concrete
  • This paper focuses on the life, political activity and creative work of Karl Haushofer, the foremost German geopolitician whose political and ideological views played an important role in shaping his geopolitical visions and concepts. The main aim
  • The paper presents the appearance, development and downfall of the doctrine of Lebensraum (living space) and his historical conditioning. The work of its founder, Friedrich Ratzel, and his numerous successors, is outlined, prior
  • and methodological assumptions. Kjellén’s biography is presented here, and reference then made to his books entitled Staten som livsform (“The State as a Life-Form”) and Stormakterna (“The Great Powers”) – both works being treated as classics in the field
  • The article presents the output of the scientific literature devoted to the genesis and distribution of different civilisations. Reference is here made to the scientific work of F. Koneczny, P. Bagby, F. Braudel, A.J. Toynbee and S.P. Huntington