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  • Faulty construction : earthquakes and the culture of prevention in California
  • Adaptation ; California ; Earthquake ; Natural hazards ; Preventive measure ; Risk perception ; United States of America ; Urban construction
  • make modern cities safe against tremors. Over time a culture of prevention emerged, initially fostered by engineers and geologists, eventually sustained by those who invested in the modern city, and ultimately embraced by the general public. Thus
  • Californians became believers in a culture of prevention grounded in societal confidence that people can control the natural world with science and technology.
  • Geomorphology, natural hazards, vulnerability and prevention of natural disasters in developing countries
  • Catastrophe ; Concept ; Developing countries ; Geomorphology ; Natural hazards ; Preventive measure ; Vulnerability
  • This paper focuses on the role of geomorphology in the prevention of natural disasters in developing countries, where their impact has devastating consequences. Concepts such as natural hazards, natural disasters and vulnerability have a broad range
  • adequate strategies for prevention.
  • Environmental forecasting : a tool for preventive environmental management
  • processes, and, to prevent new environmental problems, forecasting techniques are needed, which deal with uncertainties. It is a rather long interactive policy exercise.
  • Prevention is better than cure
  • Neue Rechtsvorschriften der DDR zum Schutz der maritimen Umwelt vor Verschmutzungen. (Recent GDR legal rules for the prevention of marine pollution)
  • Incidence of mouth and teeth diseases| prevention| dental care services (the organisational layout, Training, number of units and health workers, scope of work, children's and preventive dental care)| research and development.
  • Preventable disasters. Addressing social vulnerability, institutional risk and civil ethics
  • , the persons or groups affected, and quality of response. Even more disturbing is to find that, in most cases, loss of life and damages could have been greatly reduced, even prevented. That is, with well-known and affordable protective measures, often
  • Preventive action and the diffusion of HIV/AIDS
  • for preventive action of temporal variations in the risk of infection.
  • Agricultural damage ; Catastrophe ; China ; Drought ; Flood ; Historical geography ; Methodology ; Monsoon ; Natural hazards ; Preventive measure
  • The study of Drought, Flood and Waterlogging Damage (DFWD) aims at mainly solving 4 basic problems : 1) the change sequence in historical period; 2) the mechanism and trigger event; 3) the loss estimation; 4) the measures of prevention and control
  • . Many forecast models are developed, and the measures of prevention and control are suggested, i.e., the adoption of measures combining engineering techniques with biological measures. In the past years, advances have been made in those 4 aspects.
  • Germany ; Planning ; Preventive measure ; Risk ; Technological risk ; Urban planning
  • The prevention of hazardous incidents belongs to the responsibility of spatial planning, but is not yet systematically considered in decisions of spatial planning. The article researches, how instruments of urban and regional planning can contribute
  • to the prevention of hazardoud incidents in technical establishments and how these instruments can be optimized or improved. The development of a three-phase risk-information-system enables the derivation of different risk-areas for a better consideration
  • Preemption contested : suspect spaces and preventability in the July 7 inquest
  • England ; Enquiry ; London ; Political geography ; Preventive measure ; Space ; Space time ; Terrorism ; United Kingdom
  • This paper analyses the spatio-temporal work conducted in and through the Coroner's Inquest in London, with a specific focus on its preventability evidence. This case provides a rich archive in which the potentialities for intervention
  • Preventive urban planning tools of emergency and crisis management en La Paz (Bolivia)
  • Summits, snow leopards, farmers and fighters: Will politics prevent a national park in the high Pamirs of Tajikistan?
  • Research policy and review 16. Geographical disparities in state cancer prevention policies : the need for strong federal intervention
  • Hail: meteorology, damage, prevention and forecasting
  • Strategy or disaster. Flood prevention related issues and actions in the Tisza River basin
  • to problems that have to be solved, such as the stability of levee slopes. To prevent slope slumps it would be reasonable to start studies on flood control embankments in order to reveal sections endangered by an extreme water pressure during floods. - (AM)
  • The elaborated and accepted in 1980 National long-term program for erosion preventing in Bulgaria is based on a modern unified methodics. It comprises : (1) land rating| (2) optimization of erosion preventing measures based on the forecast of mean
  • annual soil losses due to surface water erosion| (3) determining the areas with potential wind erosion| (4) calculation of forest areas subjected to water erosion| (5) estimation of type and volume of hydrotechnical preventive measures to stabilize shower
  • Conflict ; Cooperation ; National park ; Poland ; Preventive measure ; Social conflict
  • The paper presents two examples of efficient activities serving the purpose of environmental disputes prevention by means of public participation, communication and ecological education. The first one refers to the Babia Góra National Park - one
  • Geomorphology ; Natural hazards ; Natural resources ; Nature conservation ; Preventive measure
  • A large number of geographers have already been involved in the protection of natural values and disaster prevention. The experts however are facing a contradiction: in many cases it is difficult to decide unambiguously whether the phenomenon
  • Measures to prevent degradation of the soils of Russia