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  • Normal mode energetics of the general circulation during the FGGE winter
  • A diagnostic energetics scheme is developed in order to investigate the energy flows in the three-dimensional spectral domain in the atmosphere. This energetics scheme is applied to the data during the winter from December 1978 to February 1979.
  • Energetics of the Florida Current
  • Lithoecology and energetics of loess: paleogeographic and genetic aspects in Lithology and stratigraphy of loess and paleosols.
  • are regarded and explained from the viewpoint of energetics. (DLO).
  • Atomenergetika a szocialista orszagokban. (Atomic energetics in socialist countries)
  • Mixed-layer depth model based on turbulent energetics
  • Households and their spatial-energetic practices. Searching for sustainable urban forms
  • This study aims to obtain more insight into the extent to which the urban form plays a role in the household's spatial-energetic practices in order to broaden our understanding of the opportunities to achieve a more sustainable future. The study
  • Energetics prediction of frequency-dependent suspended sand transport rates on a macrotidal beach
  • In this paper, simple energetics modelling is used to compare velocity moment predictions with field observations of suspended sand transport rates. Separate consideration is given to transport associated with the 3 main frequency-dependent cross
  • is then used to assess the validity of this energetics approach in the prediction of cross-shore suspended sand transport fluxes.
  • The energetic response of urban canyons to variable urban geometry is investigated using the URBAN3 numerical model. Significant inter-urban canyon energy total differences are found which are closely linked to patterns of net solar radiation
  • . Implications of the study with respect to the magnitude of synoptic vs. geometric sources of urban energetic variation, and microscale and mesoscale urban modelling applications are discussed.
  • Autosuspension and the energetics of two phase flows: reply to comments on experimental test of autosuspension by J. B. Southard and M. E. Mackintosh
  • Az atomenergetika fejlodése az europai tokésorszagokban. (Development of nuclear energetics in European capitalist countries)
  • The seven articles deal with the energetic quality of the building stock in Germany and the research project “Building Stock Data Base ” ; the energetic rehabilitation of large housing estates and their aim, the realisation and impulses
  • Emission Park, a demonstration project across federal states on the development of sustainable industrial areas in Germany ; the energetic urban renewal as a task for the whole city ; the urban development full of renewable energy ; and the International
  • Energetics of alpine proglacial geomorphic processes
  • This paper discusses the merits of an energetics approach to quantifying sediment transfer processes in the Bas Glacier d'Arolla proglacial zone, Valais, during the 1987 melt-season. Energy estimates, based on sediment transfer processes, range over
  • A spectral energetics analysis of atmospheric blocking
  • The AA. have calculated the evolution of the spectral energetics of two cases of blocking from the winter of 1978-79. The first case occurred over the North Atlantic and the other over the North Pacific. The Atlantic block was forced
  • The transition of the Czech industry and its energetic and ecological consequences
  • Through a numerical example the parametric investigation method is shown. The theory and the principles of an energetical world model are outlined to evaluate the optimal resource pattern of satisfying world energy demands. - (JS)
  • The priority of the export performance of Czechoslovak economy is inevitable. It is a key problem of an efficient transformation of material, energetic and economic inputs into the final outsputs of economic reproduction. (MS).
  • place in heads of bights. Several stable lithodynamic cells have been identified; exchange of energy and sediments between them is hampered. The sediment transport within each cell is effected by longshore energetic currents, rip currents developing
  • within convergence zones of the energetic currents, and by longshore gradient currents resulting from the water surface denivelations due to wave transformations over the sea floor elevations. - (L'Ed.).
  • Regional energetics of the 200 mb summer circulations
  • The structure and energetics of the tropical cyclone
  • The energetic basis of the urban heat island