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  • Explanations of poverty and inequality in Poverty and inequality in Common Market countries.
  • Rural development, poverty and regional growth
  • Poverty as a constraint to citizen participation in urban redevelopment in developing countries : a case study
  • The case study from Ibadan, Nigeria, confirms the hypothesis that the poverty of the people and a wrong assessment of what the beneficiaries can afford may be the most important factors which make the principles of cost-recovery and cost
  • An assessment in Poverty and inequality in Common Market countries.
  • Overpopulation and poverty in Africa : rethinking the traditional relationship
  • A re-evaluation of the effort to alleviate poverty and hunger
  • Housing and poverty in Australia
  • Rural land-use policies and rural poverty
  • Poverty, politics and the shaping of urban space : a Brazilian example
  • The relationship between poverty and fertility in Peninsular Malaysia : a district analysis