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  • The structure of urban poverty in Nigeria: the Calabar municipality experience
  • Accommodation to poverty : the case of the Malagasy peasant communities
  • Agrarian reform and rural poverty, Egypt 1952-1975
  • Poverty in a West african savanna area: its regional characteristics and primary components
  • Rural underdevelopment, poverty and apartheid: the closer Settlements of Lebowa, South Africa
  • Rural poverty and impoverishment in Western Kenya
  • A study of weaving in Ashanti shows that funds should be injected into rural areas and simple technology encouraged if rural poverty is to be alleviated. (EMS).
  • The polarized spatial structure accelerates growth in the urban areas and depens poverty in the rural periphery. The creation of new states with their local government headquarters could promote more even development. (EMS).
  • In this district, although there has been some improvement in the crop production situation in 1989, desertification/land degradation and shortage of food produced locally are still prevailing. The people are still living below the poverty line
  • Nigeria has experienced a respectable rate of growth in the recent past, but there is still much acute poverty. In this report, prepared by a team of experts under the leadership of Professor Dudley Seers of the Institute of Development Studies