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  • Service public in der Schweiz: Reform der Grundversorgung in der Fläche
  • Le service public en Suisse : la réforme de l’approvisionnement de base dans les zones rurales
  • Espace rural ; Infrastructure ; Service ; Service public ; Suisse
  • Infrastructure ; Public service ; Rural area ; Service ; Switzerland
  • Through the globalization and the international locational competition in 1990´s has change the “service public” in Switzerland. Since then infrastructure can only be applied as an instrument of regional and redistributive policy with limitations
  • . Concerns of the “service public” must rather be realized through the negotiation of performance agreements between the state and infrastructure enterprises, i.e. by order and payment. - (IfL)
  • Aménagement du territoire ; Démographie ; Région ; Service ; Service public
  • Demography ; Public service ; Region ; Service ; Territorial planning
  • In the framework of a Demonstration Project of Spatial Planning (MORO) entitled “Regional Planning Approaches for the Guarantee of Public Service of General Interest” the attempt has been made in three model regions to develop adapted, cooperatively
  • Demography ; Infrastructure ; Public finance ; Service
  • Infrastructure as a major component of services of general interest has so far been mainly oriented towards the expansion of capacities. Due to demographic changes and the scarce financial resources in public budgets the affected regions
  • Services of general interest include services which are provided in the particular public interest. Against the background of the ensuring state this article considers the practice of the regulation of services of general interest through spatial