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  • In sustainable development which requires the balance between the economic, social and environmental objectives, it is of key importance that the public also participates in the broadest sense. For the comprehension of ecological and developmental
  • to the objective state but is modified by different factors, also by the access to information and by the participation of the public in taking the decisions. - (IKR)
  • 2008
  • goals. They are tools for progress measuring. They are meant for different users: the broader public, politicians, professionals, therefore they have to be prepared in a way to represent simplified information, which are relevant for reaching sustainable
  • 2008
  • with regard to subject areas concerning sustainable development, values of space, and increasing the public awareness of both. The paper discusses the options, tendencies and potential obstacles towards the implementation of those topics into geography as well
  • 2008
  • Since education is a key element in achieving goals of sustainable (spatial) development and for successful public participation in the planning process, these topics should be incorporated into the formal educational system as well. The article
  • 2008