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  • The pedological regionalization of the Subcarpathian depression Cracaˇu-Bistriţa
  • Using a taxonomy based of the pedological and geographical reality, this paper is a synthesis of the previous research of the A., seeing the soil both as a productive and a geographical component of the landscape. - (E. Rusu).
  • New data on the stratigraphy and pedology of the Clovis and Plainview sites, southern High Plains
  • The well known Clovis and Plainview paleo-indian sites of New Mexico and Texas have yielded new data on regional late Quaternary geologic, paleoclimatic, and pedologic histories.
  • Polish pedological studies on Spitsbergen. A review
  • A review of Polish pedological studies carried out on Spitsbergen since 1957. The first part deals with the important papers going through the sections of soil science. Special attention was focused on arctic soil forming processes, physical
  • properties (changes in soil volume, soil movements, thermal features), chemical properties and soil biology. Another part gives the lines for future pedological studies.
  • Palaeoenvironmental interpretation of geomorphological and pedological studies in the rain forest core-areas of Eastern Zaire (Central Africa)
  • Geomorphological studies on the Late Quaternary landscape evolution in areas of eastern Zaire indicated by pedological, sedimentological, and geochemical evidence that the recent rain forest of the region within the glacial core-areas was strongly
  • Pedological regional variations in well-drained soils, Denmark
  • Climatic and non-climatic controls of aridity : the case of the northern Negev of Israel in Arid and semi-arid environments. Geomorphological and pedological aspects.
  • Influence of eolian sedimentation on soil formation in Egypt and Canary Island deserts in Arid and semi-arid environments. Geomorphological and pedological aspects.
  • Fluvial systems of the Kalahari. A review in Arid and semi-arid environments. Geomorphological and pedological aspects.
  • The aim of this study is to produce a comparative basic pedological concept of the soils of the region in a catenary sequence. The catena studied is typical for the Mediterranean coastal areas covering surfaces, geomorphic units, formed
  • by neotectonic activity and the following processes related to pedology.
  • The establishment of pedological soil data bases in Denmark
  • Turf-bearing topsoils on the central Tibetan Plateau, China : pedology, botany, geochronology
  • mats around Nagqu, 4 profiles were subjected to pedological, paleobotanical and geochronological analyses concentrating on soil properties, phytogenic composition and dating of the turf. The results show that the turfs result from the transformation
  • Standortkundliche Typisierung des Graslandes in der DDR auf der Grundlage der Mittelmassstäbigen Landwirtschaftlichen Standortkartierung. (Pedological description of GDR grassland types on the basis of medium-scale agricultural mapping)
  • pedological grassland types have been classified in subgroups and described according to parameters for land unit regional types and the area covered. Decisive aspects are almost equal and stable site characteristics, such as soil conditions, essential water
  • Provenance and pedology of a long-term Pleistocene depositional sequence in Wisconsin's driftless area
  • The purposes of this study are to : 1) examine the macromorphology and micromorphology of surface accumulations of salts in the Salt Basin; 2) describe the pedological, chemical, and biological features associated with surface accumulations of salt
  • ; 3) interpret the origin of salts crusts, salt flats, and saline wetlands using modern scientific data and historical accounts; and 4) compare pedological features of the Salt Basin with other soils in the surrounding area and with similar surface
  • Historical geomorphology and pedology of the Gandak megafan, Middle Gangetic Plains, India
  • The objectives of this paper are : 1) to summarize data for major soils, in particular the well-drained or zonal soils| 2) to examine soil-forming processes along a bioclimatic gradient| 3) to refine Tedrow's (1977) pedologic zones| and 4
  • ) to compare pedologic zones of the Southern Circumpolar Region with those in the Northern Circumpolar Region.
  • The Maraca Rainforest Project. I. Pedological and botanical variations across the forest-savanna transition on Maraca Island
  • Soils from limestone and dolomite in the central Algarve (Portugal), their qualities in respect to groundwater recharge, runoff, erodibility and present erosion in Arid and semi-arid environments. Geomorphological and pedological aspects.
  • The microaggregation and erodibility of some semi-arid and mediterranean soils in Arid and semi-arid environments. Geomorphological and pedological aspects.
  • Relationship between soil properties, soil moisture, and vegetation along loess-covered hillslopes, northern Negev, Israel in Arid and semi-arid environments. Geomorphological and pedological aspects.