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  • Postglacial recession of Niagara Falls in relation to the Great Lakes
  • C 14 dating ; Canada ; Discharge ; Lake ; Ontario ; Palaeo-environment ; Postglacial ; Quaternary ; Stream
  • The recessional history of Niagara Falls in the present Niagara Gorge during the postglacial period has been a focus of study throughout this century. Alternative interpretations have been proposed. Discussion of new radiocarbon ages of clam shells.
  • Some observations concerning the postglacial geomorphological degradation in northern Scandinavia
  • The most important result of the observations is an estimate of the postglacial and Holocene rate of erosion during the last 10 000 years on the fjord slopes.
  • Calibration, review, and geomorphic implications of postglacial radiocarbon ages in southeastern Alberta, Canada
  • Aeolian features ; Alberta ; C 14 dating ; Canada ; Dating ; Deglaciation ; Dendrochronology ; Fluvial processes ; Geochronology ; Postglacial ; Quaternary ; Thermoluminescence
  • of deglaciation and postglacial events. Such a reassessment is a necessary first step toward developing a more comprehensive understanding of the spatial and temporal sequences of postglacial landscape evolution in this region.
  • Late Quaternary glaciation and postglacial stratigraphy of the Northern Pacific margin of Canada
  • British Columbia ; Canada ; Deglaciation ; Glaciation ; Palaeogeography ; Postglacial ; Quaternary ; Sea level ; Stratigraphy ; Wisconsinan
  • Palynological evidence for Late- and Postglacial environmental change in central Colorado
  • C 14 dating ; Colorado ; Lateglacial ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeoclimate ; Palynology ; Postglacial ; Quaternary ; Stratigraphy ; United States of America
  • A sediment core recovered from Lost Park provides palynological evidence for postglacial vegetational and environmental change in the central Front Range of Colorado. The A. identifies an interval within the Lost Park core where the pollen spectra
  • Late- and Postglacial sea-level change and paleoenvironments in the Oder estuary, southern Baltic Sea
  • Atlantic Ocean ; Baltic Sea ; Deglaciation ; Estuary ; Geochemistry ; Lateglacial ; Palaeo-environment ; Postglacial ; Sea level ; Tracer
  • lagoon, 2) interlagoon differences or similarities in the composition of the sediments in the region, and 3) possible links between specific geochemical signals and defined late-glacial or postglacial units.
  • Postglacial vegetation and climate of the Cascade Range, Central Oregon
  • C 14 dating ; Climatic variation ; Holocene ; Oregon ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeoclimate ; Palynology ; Pollen diagram ; Postglacial ; Quaternary ; United States of America
  • during the past 14,000 yr and help elucidate the response of mountain forests to the suite of postglacial environmental conditions that affected the Pacific Northwest.
  • Postglacial vegetation and climate change in the Northern Bristol Bay region, Southwestern Alaska
  • Alaska ; Bay ; Bristol ; C 14 dating ; Climatic variation ; Palaeo-environment ; Palynology ; Pollen diagram ; Postglacial ; Quaternary
  • Pollen analysis of sediment cores from Grandfather and Ongivinuk Lakes reveals a record of postglacial vegetation and climate change in the northern Bristol Bay region. The chronology is based on six conventional 14C dates of bulk organic matter
  • Postglacial vegetation history of the Mackenzie River Basin
  • Subsurface sediment profiles below Point Pelee : indicators of postglacial evolution in western Lake Erie
  • C 14 dating ; Canada ; Dune ; Grain size distribution ; Lake level ; Ontario ; Palaeogeography ; Postglacial ; Sedimentary ; Stratigraphy
  • Radiocarbon dating and postglacial evolution, upper Valtellina and Livignese area (Sondrio, Central Italian Alps)
  • Alps (The) ; C 14 dating ; Holocene ; Italy ; Lateglacial ; Moraine ; Palaeogeography ; Peat ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Postglacial ; Rock glacier
  • Postglacial sedimentary history of Scoresby Sund, East Greenland
  • Climatic variation ; Fjord ; Glacier ; Greenland ; Marine sediment ; Postglacial ; Quaternary ; Sedimentation ; Sedimentology
  • Postglacial extreme events and human action in the transformation of Estonian topography and landscapes
  • Earthquake ; Estonia ; Flood ; Holocene ; Human impact ; Impact ; Karst ; Landscape ; Mass movement ; Meteorite ; Palaeogeography ; Postglacial ; Topography
  • Effects of environmental change on scree slope development throughout the postglacial period in the Chic-Choc Mountains in the northern Gaspé Peninsula, Québec
  • Canada ; Climatic variation ; Colluvium ; Dendrology ; Forest ; Gaspé ; Holocene ; Palaeo-environment ; Plant colonization ; Postglacial ; Quaternary ; Quebec ; Slide rocks ; Slope ; Slope dynamics
  • The combined study of present-day processes and stratigraphic data, has permitted the reconstruction of the dynamics of scree slopes of the northern Gaspé Peninsula throughout the postglacial period. In this region, liberated progressively from
  • Evidence for a postglacial low relative sea-level stand in the drowned delta of the Merrimack River, Western Gulf of Maine
  • A submerged delta of the Merrimack River, located offshore between Cape Ann, Massachusetts, and the New Hampshire border, indicates a postglacial low relative sea-level stand of about 47 m. The low stand is inferred to date to 10,500 yr B.P
  • an early postglacial crustal rise of at least 5 m per century.
  • Postglacial landscape evolution of northeastern lower Michigan, interpreted from soils and sediments
  • Digital elevation model ; Drumlin ; Geographical information system ; Ground moraine ; Lacustrine sediment ; Lake ; Lake level ; Michigan ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeolake ; Pleistocene ; Postglacial ; Quaternary ; Soil ; United States of America
  • much higher than previously recognized. The AA. use digital, spatial data (county-level soil maps and elevation data), and a GIS to better understand the spatial distribution of various postglacial sedimentary environments. In so doing, they compile
  • Paraglacial and postglacial debris flows on a Little Ice Age terminal moraine : Jamapa Glacier, Pico de Orizaba (Mexico)
  • Postglacial vegetation and climate in the Northwestern Great Plains of Montana
  • Glacial and postglacial history of the White Cloud peaks boulder mountains, Idaho, U.S.A.
  • Postglacial timberline fluctuations, La Plate Mountains, Southwestern Colorado