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  • The big project approach to development in Lesotho
  • The Volta River Project. A case study in politics and technology.
  • ; Santé ; Volta River Project ; Volta, bassin
  • Dam projects and urbanization in Kano State, Nigeria
  • Prehistoric sites and implements in Cameroon. An annex to the Interim report of the Tropical African Geomorphology Research Project, 1975-1976.
  • Assistance projects to users of the regional remote sensing centre, Ouagadougou
  • Budget estimation for transport project programming under incertainty
  • Social cost-benefit analysis of the Nianga irrigation pilot project, Senegal
  • Harambee: self-help development projects in Kenya
  • Personal experiences of author in a development project. - (D. W. Gade).
  • A pilot project for the Khor, Eastern Sudan. The pilot social impact of desert encroachment
  • The Beira corridor project
  • Impact of agricultural research. A seed potato project in Tunisia
  • Projects for rural development have to improve small-holders' income. Production-oriented projects in the humid savannah have to initiate the change from extensive to intensive and permanent cultivation methods on a sustainable basis. - (L'A)
  • Effects of the New Valley project upon the development of the Egyptian oases
  • Gandu, a traditional domestic unit, based on close kinship, for the production and consumption of food, is studied in an area close to the Kano River Project. It seems that new projects should not assume that family labour will be available. (EMS).
  • Qattara hydrosolar power project. Environmental assessment. UNGI Rapport no 62.
  • Qattara Hydro and Renewable Energy Projects Authority (QPA), Egypte
  • Agricultural development projects in Nigeria : experiments in induced diffusion
  • In the case of the village of Birkama, the effects of agricultural transformation on social and economic inequality are studied. One of the most far reaching changes since independence was the installation of a banana project. The recruitment
  • of participants for the project, strengthened the position of the married men as opposed to that of women and of younger men, and favoured the larger, wealthier and powerful concessions. Althought the social stratification in its main characteristics remained
  • Aménagement régional ; Domaine aride ; Désert ; Eau souterraine ; Egypte ; Géographie de l'Afrique ; Irrigation ; New Valley Project ; Oasis ; Pompage ; Surexploitation
  • Résultats de la mise en culture liée au New Valley Project: exploitation intensive de l'eau souterraine| limitation de sa généralisation, harmonisation souhaitable entre formes traditionnelles et modernes d'irrigation.
  • Case studies of a cocoa farm, a rice growing area and an irrigation project illustrate the effects of government policy on agriculture and rural life. - (EMS)