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  • Analysis of land use change of Accra, Ghana (1985-91) using LANDSAT - TM data (on-going project)
  • Accra, the capital of Ghana with a current population of over a million, has witnessed rapid population growth in the last four decades. Current urbanization is taking place within the surrounding rural areas outside the legal boundaries of the city
  • . The purpose of this project , therefore, is to attempt to assess this physical growth of Accra using 1985 and 1991 Landsat-TM data.
  • The aim of the project is to develop a method for mapping and monitoring of biological diversity in the Sahel zone. Sahel is undergoing marked environmental changes, affecting not only human populations but also ecological communities. These ongoing
  • This paper shortly summarises the results of a study undertaken in Senegal. It is a part of a larger project, aiming at describing the general vegetation types in Senegal.
  • contribute to an improved natural resource management. Such research could, based on a review of a number of existing projects and programmes in the field, a number of obvious cases, form the background for investigating institutional bottlenecks, while
  • This paper outlines a research project focusing on the environmental basis for sustainable development in the Sahelian zone of West Africa. It is demonstrated how a Geographical Information System (GIS) can be utilized for integrating environmental
  • sensing can be used as a tool in a wider geographical context, in this case the evaluation of the impact of a large riverblindness eradication program (the OCP-project) on land use and settlement patterns in a smaller area in Northern Ghana.