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  • Legends for mass movements in the MABIS-Project
  • Geomorphological map ; Geomorphometry ; Mass movement ; Mountain ; Project ; Slope ; Slope gradient ; Thematic mapping
  • To date, there have been various different legends used for the representation of mass movements in international publications. To ensure unified symbols for maps within the research projects and to enable geomorphogenetic mapping, the working
  • Mass movements in Southwest Germany : analyses and results from the Tübingen work group of the MABIS Project
  • The Tübingen research group of the MABIS project examined mass movements on the Swabian Jurassic escarpment, the Keuper cuesta and the glacially formed Deggenhausen valley, using geomorphologic and pedologic field mapping, differentiation
  • Dating methods for mass movements studied by the MABIS Project
  • Different dating methods for mass movements used by researchers of the MABIS-Project are presented and evaluated. Due to subjective criteria, and because of different geologic and petrographic conditions, problems remain with a classification based
  • Mass movements in South, West and Central Germany - objectives and main results of the MABIS project
  • The MABIS project was established in 1995, and includes 6 geomorphological research teams investigating landslide occurrences in selected regions of Germany (Bonn area, Thuringia Basin Muschelkalk escarpment, Rheinhessen escarpment, Swabian Jurassic