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  • Large scale modelling of drainage evolution in tectonically active asymmetric intermontane basins using cellular automata
  • The aim of this paper is to model the sensitive of drainage systems to increased regional gradient at both the river-network scale and gully-system scale. The research is applied to a semi-arid region experiencing extensional tectonic activity
  • Morpho-structural expression of active thrust fault systems in the humid tropical foothills of Colombia and Venezuela
  • in a downwarped basin with numerous active normal faults. This activity can be attributed to the continuous convergence of Eurasian and African plates. However, regular geodetic measurements are necessarily required to qualify the recent movements of the Nile
  • Bassin sédimentaire ; Bibliographie ; Dénudation ; Faille active ; Géographie physique ; Géomorphogenèse ; Géomorphologie structurale ; Néotectonique ; Orogenèse ; Tectonique ; Tectonique globale ; Terminologie
  • activity are reflected in differences in morphology along the coast. Six distinct morphotectonic zones are identified on the basis of their correlation with regional tectonics and areas of differing levels of seimicity. A range of geomorphological evidence
  • , including marine and river terraces, uplifted coastal notches and elevated wave-cut platforms indicates active tectonic uplift along the margin.
  • The aims of this work are : to improve the knowledge of the structural arrangement of some Italian areas affected by tectonics active in recent or historical times, and to aid the individuation of possible strike-slip faults of regional importance
  • the activity of such faults involves variations or rotations of the preferential stream orientations. Two areas of Central Italy have been investigated.
  • undergoing active deformation and related geomorphic transition. This review provides an opportunity to examine the feedback among extensional tectonics, topography, and erosion, and to evaluate the formation of characteristics landforms during mountain
  • The possible interactions between tectonics and landform formation in an active chain are examined by considering the case example of the Southern Apennines fold-and-thrust belt, in which frontal accretion and back-arc extension coexisted. The study