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  • . Precise dating allows identification of climatically controlled periods of activity and, it may allow predictions of future landslides.
  • to the known event, further temporal and spatial activity of the investigated landslides has been identified.
  • of the Wellenkalk and the Röt make the Wellenkalk-scarp one of the most active cuesta slopes in Central Europe with respect to gravitational processes. This study is planned to use the results as a data base for a landslide hazard map of the Thuringia Basin.
  • such as dendrochronology, pollen analysis, radiocarbon dating and surface exposure dating (SED). Despite of the uncertainties the results indicate increasingly active mass movements afer the Subboreal period as well as during the Little Ice Age and a more frequent
  • Geological and geomorphological patterns of the Bonn area are responsible for disposition for landsliding. The disposition was reinforced in the 19th century by mining activities, and in the 20th century by building houses on the slopes. Although