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  • Frequency and magnitude of active-layer detachment failures in discontinuous and continuous permafrost, Northern Canada
  • Active layer ; Canada ; Climatic variation ; Cold area ; Comparative study ; Ellesmere ; Forest fire ; Mass movement ; Northwest Territories ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Thawing
  • Active-layer detachment failures triggered weeks to months after forest fire in central Mackenzie Valley (65°N, discontinuous permafrost zone) are compared to others generated almost immediately by summer meteorological conditions on the Fosheim
  • Active layer ; Alaska ; American school ; Asian part of Russia ; Climatic change ; Cold area ; Concept ; Conceptual model ; Cryopedology ; Land atmosphere interaction ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Russian school ; Sakha ; United States
  • Recent research in North America supports earlier Russian conclusions about the existence of a transition zone. The transition zone is ice-enriched, and functions as a buffer between the active layer and long-term permafrost by increasing the latent
  • This paper aims to classify alpine lobes in terms of morphology and then to assess controls on these forms. A variety of lobate features were investigated in the Swiss Alps with reference to the morphometry and controlling factors. Active features
  • One year of monitoring (2002-2003) at a low-centred ice-wedge polygon site on Svalbard is described. Ground temperatures were recorded hourly from the top of an ice wedge through the active layer to the ground surface in the central part of a trough
  • carried out. These analyses indicate that, under present conditions, mechanical weathering is the main process active in the formation of tafoni, which post-date pits and grooves.