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  • Establishing long-term permafrost observatories for active-layer and permafrost investigations in Alaska : 1977-2002
  • Active layer ; Alaska ; Climatic warming ; Global change ; Observation network ; Periglacial features ; Permafrost ; Thawing ; Years 1980-89 ; Years 1990-99
  • records has allowed reconstruction of past active-layer and permafrost conditions using calibrated site-specific models. The sites have been used to document a recent warming trend in permafrost and active layer and processes that occur in them
  • The AA. describe a new technique for the simulation of natural freezing-thawing cycles of the active layer in a permafrost microcosm. The core temperature, moisture and methane concentration and release in different depths of the microcosm can
  • be measured continuously under controlled freezing and thawing conditions. The simulation experiment provides an insight into the activity of microorganisms and turnover rates under various cryogenic conditions (i.e. frozen, partly frozen, unfrozen). The data
  • -scale ridge-and-furrow surface, most likely attributed to active-layer processes.
  • The AA. describe the introduction of several new techniques to measure and monitor permafrost properties at a site near the east coast of the Hudson Bay, northern Quebec. Cores taken from the permafrost below the active layer of the lithalsa show
  • Active layer ; Alaska ; Cold area ; Global Positioning System ; Periglacial features ; Polar region ; Research technique ; Tundra
  • Three important parameters that need to be quantified for many permafrost studies are the location of ice in the ground, the position of thermal interfaces, and spatial variations of the water content in the active layer. The data from over 100