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  • Multidimensional models for the analysis of consumers perceptions and preferences with respect to agricultural and food products
  • The design of spatial systems for internal migration analysis
  • Regional planning in the United States and the United Kingdom: a comparative analysis
  • Modern problems of industrial location analysis
  • Een Methode voor de studie van residentiële stadsdifferentiatie: de Social area analysis Une méthode pour l'étude de la différenciation résidentielle des villes: la Social area analysis
  • A study on Model Reference Adaptive Control in economic development (III) - Model Reference Adaptive I-O Analysis
  • Introduces the application of the Model reference adaptive control technique to the Dynamic I-O analysis and attention is given to the basic theory of Model reference adaptive I-O analysis. - (SGA)
  • Quantitative analysis of the urban retailing system : a comparative application of Q-analysis
  • Social impact analysis and the planning process in the United States: a review and critique
  • Capitalisme ; Conflit ; Etats-Unis ; Géographie humaine ; Impact social ; Méthodologie ; Participation de la population ; Planification ; Politique urbaine ; Prise de décision ; Scénario ; Simulation ; Social impact analysis ; Sociologie ; Urbanisme
  • The weighting method of Pj factor analysis in the assessment of environmental quality.
  • The method stresses the avoidance of subjective judgement in measuring the environmental value and the use of factor analysis to estimate the objective contribution of specific assessment parameters and their interrelationships. It is then possible
  • Electronic spreadsheets in planning. The case of shift-share analysis in Learning from the Past. The history of planning.
  • Analyse économique ; Economie régionale ; Géographie humaine ; Logiciel ; Micro-ordinateur ; Shift-share analysis
  • Urban residential analysis. 1. Spatial consumer behaviour
  • Externalities, policies and public goods are fundamental issues underlining the recent strong concern for normative analysis. The impact of environmental quality upon urban structure is decisive.
  • Microcomputer graphics in multivariate analysis: an analysis of socioprofessional structure of the Rouen area in European progress in spatial analysis.
  • Sufficient conditions for negative exponential densities : a further analysis
  • The purpose of this note is to extend the Muth-Brueckner analysis and thereby point out that the Brueckner condition for a negative exponential function implies a zero income elasticity of housing demand when income and price elasticities
  • A theoretical context for shift and share analysis
  • Calcul économique ; Croissance économique ; Elasticité ; Fonction de production ; Formation des prix ; Géographie humaine ; Industrie ; Marché du travail ; Shift-share analysis ; Théorie économique
  • L'A. élabore un modèle régional de la croissance des facteurs de production fondé sur la théorie microéconomique courante. A l'intérieur de ce modèle, l'équation de base de la shift-share analysis peut être dérivée à travers l'usage d'hypothèses
  • A revealed preference analysis of intraurban migration choices in Proximity and preference. Problems in the multidimensional analysis of large data sets.
  • On the use of interactive multi-objective linear programming methods for long term energy planning in Environmental conflict analysis.
  • Conflicting objectives in environmental management, an introduction in Environmental conflict analysis.
  • An analysis of migratory systems : 2. Operational framework
  • An analysis of migratory systems : 1. Theory
  • Geography of nutrition in Belgium. A preliminary analysis