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  • The paper analyses and explains the phenomenon of daily commutes of workers in Slovenia. The first part of the article presents the daily mobility analysis of workers in the ten biggest employment centers between 2000 and 2009. The second part
  • describes the analysis of the worker's mode of transportation and the reasons for the regional differences. - (IKR)
  • Cluster analysis ; Development ; Life cycle ; Model ; Slovenia ; Tourism ; Tourist resort
  • The paper discusses the applicability of Butler's model of the life cycle of a tourist area in interpreting various development patterns of Slovene tourist resorts. In order to find out similar development patterns a hierarchical cluster analysis
  • Geographic research ; Landscape analysis ; Landscape unit ; Regional geography ; Regionalization ; Slovenia
  • With the analysis of towns in Slovenia a classification, which elaborates the social and economic characteristics, was established. It was determined that it is possible to form eight socio-economic settlement types. Slovene urban system is dynamic
  • This article presents the suitability of the Real Estate Record – a web application of the Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia – for assessing the damage caused by natural disasters. We performed an analysis for the village
  • Geodiversity ; Geographic research ; Geomorphology ; Geomorphosite ; Inheritated geomorphological features ; Landscape ; Landscape analysis ; Nature conservation ; Slovenia ; Triglav Lakes Valley
  • water. In paper, the results of a series of studies, such as tracer tests, GIS methods, hydrological time series analysis are discussed, as well as their contribution to the scientific knowledge. - (IKR)