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  • Electricity consumption| a shift-share analysis of industrial and regional Growth
  • Branche industrielle ; Consommation ; Consommation d'électricité ; Croissance économique ; Economie régionale ; Electricité ; Géographie de l'Océanie ; Industrie ; Industrie régionale ; Méthodologie ; Nouvelle-Zélande ; Shift-share analysis
  • Consommation d'électricité et industries dans l'économie régionale. Application de la Shift-Share analysis.
  • The urban experience of Aborigines: a structural analysis
  • Application of regional flood frequency analysis to large tropical catchments : a case study in the Sepik Basin, Papua New Guinea
  • Ghosts and government: a structural analysis of alternative institutions for conflict management in Samoa
  • Regional employment in New Zealand 1981-86 : shift-share versus regression analysis
  • Analyse de régression ; Economie régionale ; Emploi ; Géographie de l'Océanie ; Méthodologie ; Nouvelle-Zélande ; Régionalisation ; Shift-share analysis ; Structure économique ; Taxonomie
  • A regional analysis of business and employment dynamics in New Zealand manufacturing
  • The coups of 1987 : a personal analysis
  • Environmental impact analysis and resource management
  • The ecological description and analysis of tropical subsistence patterns: an example from New Guinea in Subsistence and survival: rural ecology in the Pacific.
  • The demand for local amenity: an hedonic price analysis
  • The 1987 Fijian general election, and the subsequent military coups are inextricably linked and require a framework for analysis that incorporates electoral geography within a broader political geography framework. Taylor's model provides
  • such a framework. It allows for the analysis of two distinct processes that are fundamental to any electoral system : the geography of support and the geography of power.
  • Geomorphic analysis of the rifted cratonic margins of Western Australia
  • Statistical Analysis of Spatial Patterns of smoke concentrations in Christchurch
  • Profligacy and scarcity: an analysis of water management in Australia
  • Biometeorological investigations of asthma morbidity in Tasmania using co-spectral analysis of time series
  • Toward a comprehensive Upper Quaternary tephra and ignimbrite stratigraphy in New Zealand using electron microprobe analysis of glass shards
  • Large corporations and concentrations of capital in Australia: a geographical analysis
  • This present paper discusses the social and spatial distinctions between family and household in Western societies, provides an analysis of the spatial patterns of household types and attempts to establish what part household structure plays
  • Economic crisis, cities and regions. An analysis of current urban and regional problems in Australia.
  • The influence of distance from the CBD on the value of land on Auckland's urban periphery is analysed using regression analysis for the years 1955, 1960, 1965 and 1970. In general, distances improves as a predictor of land value. As the influence