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  • Paleovegetational reconstruction based on modern and fossil pollen data: an application of discriminant analysis
  • Pollen analysis of some Mid-Pleistocene interglacial lagoonal sediments from southern Delaware
  • The AA. examine the late Quaternary history of the coastal semiarid vegetation of central Chile, based on pollen analysis from two localities presently supporting typical swamp forests, Quebrada Quereo and Quintero.
  • Pollen and charcoal analysis of radiocarbon dated sediment cores from Duck Pond in the Cape Cod National Seashore provide a continuous 12,000 yr vegetation and climate history of outer Cape Cod. The results suggest a rapid warming in the northeast
  • Paleomagnetic analysis of samples from the original 600-m-long core from the San Agustin Plains, New Mexico, showed an unquestionable reversal stratigraphy dating the record back to at least 1.6 my. Analysis of pollen, ostracodes, and algae
  • Civic design analysis of Toronto
  • A regional analysis of illegal aliens
  • The development of Geographical analysis
  • (1968-1977) ; Etats-Unis ; Geographical analysis ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Géographie quantitative ; Histoire de la géographie ; Information ; Revue géographique
  • La création en 1968 de la revue Geographical analysis répond au besoin ressenti par de nombreux géographes américains et notamment ceux des universités du Middle West de voir publier une revue spécialement concernée par les approches théoriques et
  • Pattern of agricultural growth in Mexican States, 1960-71: a shift and share analysis
  • (1960-1971) ; Agriculture ; Culture nouvelle ; Disparité régionale ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Mexique ; Plante cultivée ; Production agricole ; Shift-share analysis
  • Industrial structure and regional change: a shift-share analysis of the British Columbia economy 1961-1970
  • (1961-1970) ; Analyse statistique ; British Columbia ; Canada ; Economie régionale ; Evolution de l'emploi industriel ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Shift-share analysis ; Structure industrielle
  • A shift-share analysis of regional labor productivity in manufacturing
  • (1967-1977) ; Disparités régionales ; Emploi ; Emploi industriel ; Etats-Unis ; Ghum ; Géographie de l'Amérique ; Industrie ; Main-d'oeuvre ; Productivité ; Shift-share analysis
  • Explaining who writes to congressmen. A contextual analysis in Contextual models in politics.
  • A map analysis of recent European immigrant Settling in metropolitan Detroit based upon petitions for naturalization
  • Defining central place systems through the analysis of bus services: the case of Ecuador
  • General impact multiplier analysis of Puerto Rico's economy, 1965 to 1976
  • Urban impact analysis: a new tool for monitoring the geographical effects of federal policies
  • The flight to the suburbs: insights gained from an analysis of central city vs suburban housing costs
  • Forest associations in extreme Southern Ontario 1817: a biogeographical analysis of Gourlay's Statistical Account
  • Influences on county farmland protection efforts in California: a discriminant analysis
  • A cartographic analysis of Latin American immigrant groups in the Chicago metropolitan area, 1965-76