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  • Pollen analysis of hyena coprolites and sediments from Equus Cave, Taung, Southern Kalahari (South Africa) in XII INQUA Congress Issue.
  • A palaeoecological analysis is presented of veil deposits in the Winterberg Mountains of the eastern Cape of southern Africa. The pollen analysis reveals important environmental changes which have occurred during the late Quaternary.
  • Pollen analysis of peat sediments found in valley-head'dambos'of the Nyika Plateau has yielded a vegetation history spanning the last 5 000 years. The somewhat surprising conclusion of relative environmental stability during the Holocene
  • Description and analysis of urban dispersion
  • Analysis of rainfall causal relationships in the Sudan
  • Cocoa research in Nigeria: an ex post investment analysis
  • Vector analysis as a means of indicating rainfall seasonality in the Transvaal
  • This paper describes and evaluates the use of vector analysis for indicating rainfall seasonality. Three advantages pertaining to the use of the technique for regionalization are pinpointed.-(AJC)
  • The state and rural class formation in Ghana : a comparative analysis.
  • An applied analysis of rural water supply planning in Sierra Leone
  • Water balance analysis for Ghana
  • Analysis of rainfall probabilities to determine maize species suitability : an agrometeorological study of Zambia
  • Dynamics of indigenous fuelwood production systems : an analysis of Kano, Nigeria
  • Rice marketing in Ghana: an analysis of government intervention in business
  • Computerized multivariate analysis of LANDSAT satellite imagery for geology in South Africa
  • A regional analysis of industrial production and labor productivity trends in Tanzania, 1965 to 1972
  • An analysis of causes of power shortage in Nigeria
  • Trend surface analysis of aeolian sand movement on the Southwest African Coast
  • Multivariate analysis of Kenya's urban system
  • Social and economic geographical analysis of the Egyptian Copts in The Nile Countries.