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  • Quantitative method for the calculation of the environmental impact on the quality of coastal and estuarine waters using the analysis of principal components (PCA) of multivariant statistics
  • analysis ; pollution ; principal components analysis ; sea water ; water quality
  • using the analysis of principal components (PCA) it is based on previous methods developed for the Mediterranean coasts, (Niell et al., 1988). Data coming from a network of monitoring and quality control of coastal waters of the Basque Country have been
  • 2001
  • trophic levels and mixed trophic impact analysis considering the fishery both as an impacting and impacted component are included. Also, we explore the potential relevance of simulating the effect of different fishing regimes on the ecosystem flow
  • structure using Ecosim. Finally, Ecospace was used as an exploratory tool for the analysis of trophic relationships in the space and for the evaluation of the effect of some management options.
  • 2001
  • Atlantic Ocean ; Bay of Biscay ; Comparative study ; Counting ; Method ; Microscopy ; North Atlantic ; Photosynthetic pigment ; Phytoplankton ; Qualitative analysis ; Quantitative analysis
  • 2001
  • ; sediment transport ; spatial distribution ; statistical analysis ; stream transport
  • 2001
  • Algae ; Atlantic Ocean ; Bay of Biscay ; Bioluminescence ; Correlation analysis ; Dinophyta ; Distribution ; Instrumentation ; Measurement method ; North Atlantic ; Phytoplankton ; Pigments ; Thallophyta ; Vertical distribution
  • 2001