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  • New industry input linkages in Ireland: an econometric analysis
  • Regional variations in the adoption of computer-numerically-controlled machine tools by small engineering firms : a multivariate analysis
  • Automatization ; Decision ; Firm strategy ; Industry ; Mechanical engineering ; Multivariate analysis ; Regional disparities ; Survey ; Technological diffusion ; Technology ; United Kingdom
  • Employment change in permanent manufacturing plants: analysis and implications from an Irish case study
  • Entrepreneurial behaviour within male work histories : a sector-specific analysis
  • The competitiveness and performance of small manufacturing firms : an analysis of matched pairs in Scotland and England
  • The locational pattern of new manufacturing establishments: an application of discriminant analysis
  • Industrial closures in Ireland 1973-1981: analysis and implications
  • The impact of new industry enterprises in Ireland: an analysis of services linkages
  • An industrial and spatial analysis of new firm formation in Ireland