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  • This paper presents the results of statistical analysis carried out for the purpose of detecting cyclicity and trends in the time series. Use was made of variance spectral analysis, running means, linear regression and Mann-Kendall rank-statistics
  • Atmosphere ; Cracow ; Isotope analysis ; Poland ; Pollution ; Precipitation ; Radioactivity ; Town ; Tritium
  • Atmosphere ; Biosphere ; Carbon ; Carbon cycle ; Carbon dioxide ; Cracow ; Diurnal variation ; Isotope analysis ; Meteorology ; Oxygen ; Poland
  • Atmosphere ; Carbon dioxide ; Cracow ; Geochemistry ; Human impact ; Isotope analysis ; Poland ; Pollution ; Town
  • The paper presents an analysis of recent trends for precipitation in the Carpathians on the basis of data for the period 1951-1995. Temporal variability in precipitation was examined based on area-averaged data for the Carpathians
  • The application of analysis of diatom coupled with other siliceous microalgae and sediment dating allowed for the determination of the progress of deterioration in environment of the Gulf of Gdańsk. It is shown that the change in the diatom flora
  • This paper contains some results of long-time series analysis with respect to climate variability and change. The data are the mean monthly air temperature, precipitation and humidity at different stations located in Libya and neighbouring countries
  • within the limits of the Gdańsk Refinery located in the eastern part of Gdańsk in the coastal zone of the southern Baltic Sea. Meteorological situations influencing THC concentrations were defined and statistical analysis yielded a quality classification
  • Aquifer ; Atlantic Ocean ; Baltic Sea ; Bay ; Coastal environment ; Deuterium ; Drainage ; Groundwater ; Hydrochemistry ; Isotope analysis ; Oxygen 18 ; Poland ; Salinity ; Sea water
  • an analysis of trends in air temperature changes can help detect inhomogeneities in observation series made for different types of topoclimate.
  • fluctuations. The paper presents a 500 hPa configuration determining thermal and precipitation anomalies in Poland. The duration of circulation epochs and development stages of continental and oceanic features of Poland's climate were compared. The analysis
  • The paper presents an analysis of thermal conditions in the Carpathian Foothills in 1951-1995. Particular attention has been paid to showing the influence of continentality and oceanity on trends in the course of air temperature in various parts
  • Air temperature ; Annual variation ; Austria ; Central Europe ; Cracow ; Czech Republic ; Europe ; Nineteenth Century ; Periodicity ; Poland ; Prague ; Regression analysis ; Seasonal variability ; Temperature ; Time series ; Twentieth Century