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  • In South Germany, soil erosion is as old as farming and dates back to Early Neolithic times. Its sedimentary products form thick colluvial and alluvial sediment bodies in all drainage basins. Here, a graphical analysis of results from case studies
  • is used to suggest the regional response to environmental change. The analysis was limited to results obtained by the same dating method, on sediments derived from soil erosion, and from a region that is largely homogeneous in its physical environment
  • Analysis of a 2-3 m thick vertical sequence of fine-grained overbank alluvial sediments on the foreland of the Eastern Sudety Mountains reveals that these sediments resulted from human land use changes. Since at least Early Medieval times
  • Aerial photography ; Andes ; Ecuador ; Gully erosion ; Land use ; Model ; Mountain ; Semi-arid area ; Soil erosion ; Spatial analysis ; Water erosion
  • Agriculture ; Agrosystem ; Drôme ; France ; Geographical information system ; Land use ; Landscape ; Mountain ; Multivariate analysis ; Rhône-Alpes ; Soil erosion ; Watershed