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  • Altitude ; Closed depression ; Precipitation ; Rainfall ; Relief ; Risk ; Romania ; Statistical analysis ; Transylvania
  • By frequency analysis we found some lows of probalities having regional character in the Depression of Transylvania : Log-Pearson III for monthly 24th max., Gumbel for annual 24h max. and Weibull for rain intensity. The suggested relationships
  • This article has presented the analysis results of the changes in the sea surface temperature (SST) in the Baltic Sea observed in 2°x2° grid with its centre co-ordinates 55°N and 19°E (mean monthly values, data source COADS ; Slutz et al. 1985
  • , Woodruff et al. 1987). This sea area covers the Bay of Gdańsk and the area of South-East Baltic (Gdańsk Deep and S part of Gotland Deep) adjacent to it in the north. The analysis of correlation between the SST and the temperature of air made use of a series
  • of monthly air temperatures measured at the stations in Stockholm and Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz (Mietus, 1998). This analysis indicates that the increase in the SST in the said sea area in the 20th century may be estimated around the values of 0.6 - 1.2°C (+0.9 (+-0.3
  • The paper presents an analysis of extreme thermal conditions in Toruń (North Poland) from the point of view of air circulation. Specific types of circulation were defined as extreme hot or extreme cold. - (BJ)
  • Algeria ; Energy ; Mathematical model ; Solar energy ; Solar radiation ; Statistical analysis
  • The paper presents the analysis of the variability and tendencies of change (trends) of unfavourable biothermal conditions in Cracow. The study used the diurnal records of air temperature from Cracow in the years 1826-2002. It was concluded
  • This research shows the changes occured in pluviometric variability in Benin. In effect, the comparative diagnosis of the number of rainy days, pluviometric indices and tendancies realised using the graphic method and the frequent analysis permit
  • are shown through correlations and analysis of residues spatial distribution. The study is applied to a vine yard country (Vaucluse area, South of France). - (BJ)
  • Harmonic analysis of the mean temperature of Central Greenland and Vostok (Antarctic) for past 160 ky (160 000 years) gives dominant periods : 118 ky, 62 ky, 41 ky, 24 ky and 12,5 ky. The extrapolation of this curve suggests the possibility
  • For this work, daily data from the Capo Mele (220 m. a.s.l.) weather station, in the Andora (SV) district - Western Liguria (Italy) - have been taken into consideration. This is an Airforce station, which is fully automatic. A climatic analysis
  • Bioclimatology ; Climatic variability ; Ecosystem ; Moisture ; National park ; Poland ; Spatial analysis ; Temperature ; Topoclimate
  • A statistical study of the nebulosity and the rain, associated to the composite analysis of the humidity has shown that rainfall generated by the squall line issue with the squall lines issue from the convective part essentially. Too less ten hours
  • From the analysis of rainfall variability, it is possible to identify ruptures of stationnarity (for example the end of 1970's) in the forest area of Haut-Sassandra (mid-west of the Côte d'Ivoire) which correspond certainly to significant variations
  • of this study after having defined beginning and end dates of rains from criteria agroclimate is the analysis of their variability (shortening or lengthening of the agricultural cycle). This instability us pipe to a proposal of adaptation measures of operations