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  • Tourist travel in the Tatra Mountains
  • Tourist development and physical planning: the concept of capacity
  • Tourism and tourist industry in Uttar Pradesh
  • Disturbance behaviour of chamois in an Alpine tourist area of Austria
  • Whose paradise ? itinerant street vendors' individual and collective practices of political agency in the tourist streets of Cusco, Peru
  • Delimiting the Balaton Riviera tourist destination by using network analysis
  • Balaton Lake ; Hungary ; Management ; Network ; Regional analysis ; Tourism ; Tourist site
  • The subject of this study aims to delimit destinations which have been researched in a micro-region (Felsőörs, Lovas, Paloznak, Alsóörs, Csopak) of a Balaton Region, Hungary’s number one tourist destination as well as the local destination
  • Spatial patterns of international tourist flows : towards a theoretical framework
  • Behaviour ; International tourism ; Spatial interaction ; Tourism ; Tourism area ; Tourist flow
  • The first aim of the paper is to provide an overview of the major aspects of research into the spatial patterns of international tourist flows from the early 1960s up to the present. The second is to assess critically the achievements made
  • Crime and tourism in South Africa : international tourists perception and risk
  • Tourism can be a key factor in overcoming the many socio-economic challenges facing South Africa if reality and perception of tourist safety is addressed urgently and adequately. International tourists possessed a poor image of personal safety
  • Sacred space and touristic development at Jebel Musa (Mt. Sinai), Egypt
  • Conflict ; Economic impact ; Egypt ; Religion ; Sinai ; Tourism ; Tourist site
  • Since 1967 tourism has overwhelmed the Monastery of St. Catherine in the Sinai peninsula. The sacredness of the place and its monastic life have been compromised by hordes of secular tourists. The Egyptian government views this site as having large
  • A study on the spatial flow intensity of overseas travelers in tourist hotspots of China - taking Beijing as an example
  • China ; Origin-destination ; Tourism ; Tourist flow ; Town
  • Etude des flux touristiques relatifs aux 12 villes chinoises qui enregistrent la plus grande intensité de fréquentation touristique. Modélisation spatiale appliquée aux touristes d'outre-mer.
  • Ch onnosc na tle sezonowych zmian srodowiska przyrodniczego Capacity of absorbing tourists in terms of seasonal changes in the natural environment
  • The degradation of the environment depends upon the scale of tourism, and its intensity is affected by the seasonal variableness in tourist arrivals. In order to prevent it, indispensable is a suitable control of the tourist frequency by means
  • Evolution sociologique du tourisme continuité du touriste rare au touriste de masse et rupture contemporaine
  • Evaluating tourist flows in historic cities: the case of Venice
  • Attendance ; Educational leisure ; Italy ; Tourism ; Tourist flow ; Urban function ; Veneto ; Venice
  • Basse-Normandie ; France ; Tourism ; Tourism policy ; Tourist facilities ; Tourist flow
  • 4 parties : la capacité d'hébergement touristique de la Basse-Normandie; les touristes de l'été 1988 en Basse-Normandie; les politiques de développement du tourisme de la Région et des départements; l'évolution récente du tourisme.
  • China ; Custom ; Economic impact ; Tourism ; Tourist site ; Xinjiang
  • Survey of the tourist cities and sites in this autonomous region where more than half of the inhabitants are not ethnic Chinese. Between 1980 and 1988, the number of visitors increased six times and tourist revenues four times.―(DWG)
  • Czechoslovakia ; Slovakia ; Tourism ; Tourism potential ; Tourist region
  • It is shown that Slovakia turned out one of the prominent touristic attractions in the postwar period in Central Europe. Some major possibilities of a touristic development in Slovakia are mentioned. - (MS)
  • Recent changes of tourist behaviour in the Federal Republic of Germany
  • Etude des buts des voyages et des moyens de transport, de leur évolution depuis 1976 aussi bien pour les touristes nationaux qu'étrangers en RFA. (HSC).
  • Computerized assessment of touristic potential in Geographical essays in Hungary.
  • 16 factors influencing touristic potentials are coded and evaluated: slope conditions, altitude, water supply, hours of sunshine, cloudy days, snow-cover, vegetation, land use, animals, natural sights, as well as infrastructural and institutional
  • Maps for a new kind of tourist : the first Guides Michelin France (1900–1913)
  • France ; Map ; The 1900's ; Tourism ; Tourist guide ; Town plan
  • Comparisons of the maps in these editions of the Guide Michelin with those in other guidebooks of the period reveals diferences in the way information was presented to the motorized tourist as opposed to the pedestrian tourist. Michelin's new style
  • Development patterns of Slovene tourist destinations
  • Cluster analysis ; Development ; Life cycle ; Model ; Slovenia ; Tourism ; Tourist resort
  • The paper discusses the applicability of Butler's model of the life cycle of a tourist area in interpreting various development patterns of Slovene tourist resorts. In order to find out similar development patterns a hierarchical cluster analysis