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  • Postmodern urban politics in South Africa : the case of Stellenbosch (2000-2004)
  • The paper adopts a postmodern perspective to account for post2000 electoral urban politics in the municipality of Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa. The significance of the changes in the political party control of the municipality
  • are analysed, including the impact of the floor crossing legislation. The paper highlights the critical elements of the new politics of multiplicity, difference and identity, and strategic alliances. - (AJC)
  • Election ; Guatemala ; Local government ; Political geography ; Regional disparities
  • and is inversely related to the size of the municipality. Moreover, high rates of political violence do not dampen turnout. - (DWG)
  • Using maps and regression analysis, the AA. sort out the varying turnout rates in elections across the 330 municipalities of Guatemala. An unexpected finding is that turnout covaries with the share of the population that is indigenous
  • Coordination of urban economic development policies in the Netherlands in The urban agglomeration as a political arena.
  • This article examines whether a province can achieve consensus among municipalities that usually practice conflict avoidance. This occurs in exceptional circumstances, related to the fact that municipalities acquire resources for economic
  • Political fragmentation and municipal tax base resources in the Montreal metropolitan area
  • Cette étude montre que l'inégalité des ressources et des besoins des municipalités d'une agglomération urbaine, semble liée au degré de morcellement de cette agglomération. Il en ressort que le fusionnement municipal peut conduire à une répartition
  • China’s landed urbanization : neoliberalizing politics, land commodification, and municipal finance in the growth of metropolises
  • This article examines the neoliberalizing politics, land commodification, and municipal finance in the growth of metropolises (Guangzhou and Beijing). It demonstrates thatState and market do not function as two diametrically opposing and self
  • -contained entities but are characterized by their diverse and conflictual internal dynamics. And that local states are found to have embraced and manipulated market forces for their political agenda Theorization of global urbanism needs to go beyond the Euro
  • Municipal neoliberalism and municipal socialism : urban political economy in Latin America
  • Election ; Political geography ; Slovenia
  • political space ? Are the result of 2006 local election really distinguishing form previous election, concerning the success of nonparty municipality council lists and mayor candidates ? Are there any essential differences between different regions regarding
  • if these statements are correct or are they just the effect of unexpected success of nonparty candidates and municipality council lists in specific municipalities. Three questions are especially important to us : are we really witnessing important shift on Slovenian
  • representation of nonparty mayors and municipality councilors ? - (IKR)
  • State, structure, and strategy : South Africa's municipal elections
  • Authorities ; Political geography ; South Africa
  • Zelfstandige en onzekfstandige kernen. Een politiek-geografische benadering. (Independent and dependent settlements. A political geography approach)
  • The author shows that more insight is necessary in the influence the municipality as a political system exerts on the development of spatial entities within its borders. (AGD).
  • The politics of municipal annexation : a California case study
  • Election ; Local government unit ; Local policy ; Political geography ; Political party ; South Africa
  • and trends stemming from the 2011 municipal elections. It concludes that the South African political landscape is volatile, with political parties having the opportunity to seize political spaces. - (AJC)
  • Political rescaling and municipal cultural public policies : a comparison of France and Québec
  • construction d'une nouvelle institution et d'un nouveau territoire au plan municipal.
  • Urban politics and gentrification : thoughts on the effects of the urban reform movement and municipal reform politics in Toronto-City, 1968-1980
  • Metropolitan political reorganization as a politics of urban growth : the case of San Fernando Valley secession
  • The A. argues that the politics of municipal reorganization must be seen in a broader context than just the formal powers and responsibilities of the local state. It is embedded in a wider politics of urban growth. To bring out the relationship
  • between reorganization and growth politics, the paper analyzes the case of a secession movement in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley. The A. shows that, among other goals, secessionists are trying to restructure the local state so that they can now more
  • Voluntarism, municipalism and welfare : the geography of hospital utilization in England in 1938
  • depended on the vigour of voluntarism and the political priorities of local governments. This work contributes to debates about the efficacy of non-profit forms of welfare delivery.
  • Contextual influences and the Dutch rejection of the EU constitutional treaty : understanding municipalities differences
  • Electoral behaviour ; Electoral geography ; Income ; Municipality ; Neighbourhood effect ; Netherlands (The) ; Participation ; Political geography ; Religion ; Social geography ; Unemployment
  • Effects of club size in the provision of public goods. Network and congestion effects in the case of the French municipalities
  • of provision are that of a political process in which both the demand and the supply sides are considered. The supply model performs better than the demand model in the case of small municipalities. In so far as impact of city size on the quality of club goods
  • Chile ; Citizenship ; Municipality ; Participatory democracy ; Political geography ; Public policy ; Santiago ; citizen ; local ; municipalities ; participation ; policies
  • , and the municipalities play an important role in this development. As a result, there are expectations of policies for participation that direct the concerns of citizens with respect to public policies at a local level. Similar to other states in Latin America, Chile
  • enjoys policies that could be perfected in an effort to achieve better integration and synergy among them, especially in the municipalities. This article presents arguments and evidence in the case of Chile in respect of mechanisms of participation
  • , associative life and confidence in the municipalities, as well as proposing ways to perfect public policies for local participation.
  • Municipal preferences for state-imposed amalgamations : an empirical study based on the Swedish municipal reform of 1952
  • Administrative geography ; Administrative reform ; Cooperation ; District ; Municipality ; Political geography ; Public service ; Role of the State ; Sweden ; Territorial planning ; Wage inequality
  • Political yardstick competition among Italian municipalities on spending decisions
  • Election ; Finance ; Italy ; Marche (Italy) ; Municipality ; Political geography ; Political party ; Public expenditure ; Tax policy ; Urban population