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  • Demographic foundations of political empowerment in multiminority cities
  • Demographic change ; Demographic structure ; Ethnic group ; Local authority ; Minority ; Spatial concentration ; Town ; United States of America ; Urban immigration
  • Communism ; Czech Republic ; Demographic change ; Demography ; Mortality ; Nineteenth Century ; Twentieth Century
  • The demographic revolution started in the first half of the 19th century and ended between the two World Wars. The demographic development in the second half of the 20th century corresponds to the political appartenance to the Soviet-block
  • The Czech Republic's demographic waves in the 1970s
  • Birth rate ; Czech Republic ; Demographic cycle ; Demography ; Fertility ; Marriage
  • An analysis of the fertility rates development in the last fifty years. The adoption of social and pro-natalist measures of the early 1970s was a political matter, however prepared in the 1960s. The probably last demographic boom will be remembered
  • The political geography of Kurdistan
  • Asia ; Demographic change ; Diaspora ; History ; Kordestan ; Political geography ; Population
  • The changing political landscape of California, 1968 to 2000
  • California ; Demographic structure ; Electoral behaviour ; Immigration ; Political geography ; Regional analysis ; Regionalization ; United States of America
  • three different settlement patterns in the 19th and 20th centuries. Validity of regions is tested to determine if new immigration and a general browning of the state have changed the dynamics of the political geography. A. finds state moving toward two
  • political regions : a racially diversified urban coast and a whiter rural interior. - (SLD)
  • Urbanisatie, Integratie en demografische respons in Jakarta: een empirisch onderzoek naar de stedelijke moderniseringsrol in de periode 1961-1976.. (Urbanization, integration and demographic response in Jakarta: an empirical search for the urban
  • This study sets out to analyse the multivarious relationships between urbanization, socio-economic integration and demographic response in Jakarta. Its purpose is to confront the theories and models of the modernization and political-economic school
  • of thinking in explaining the mentioned complex interrelationships and processes. The theories referred to are the demographic regulation theory, the multiphasic demographic response theory and the fertility transition theory. (AGD).
  • Demographic decline ; Demography ; Germany ; Nature conservation
  • Neither in science nor in practice a discussion evolved concerning the impact of demographic changes on environmental and nature conservation issues to date. This is exacerbated by the fact that demographic change is only one factor amongst others
  • that affects environment and nature. Therefore, no direct causal connection between demographic changes and the environmental condition can be drawn. Nevertheless, an impact of the demographic changes on environmental and nature conservation issues can yet
  • be expected for the future. In order to evaluate the chances and risks for environment and nature and to respond appropriately to them it is important to integrate environmental and nature conservation issues into today's scientific, planning and political
  • The politics of ethnic change : grass-roots responses to economic and demographic restructuring in Monterey Park, California
  • Handbook of the Nations. Third edition. A brief guide to the economy, government, land, demographics, communications, and national defense establishment of each of 190 nations and other political entities.
  • The demographics and politics of economic decline in New York City
  • Demographic growth and food production in developing countries: a non-linear model in New developments III: politics, policies and the process of planning.
  • Bulgaria ; Demographic decline ; Demography ; Migration ; Social change
  • Since the change of the political system in 1989 the population number of Bulgaria dropped down from nearly 9 to 7.8 million. The main reason for this development, which should be seen as a severe demographic crisis, is the general economic
  • and social uncertainty that has arisen from the transformation in the political and economic system, which emerged abruptly and put the population into a state of shock. The article discusses the different factors on the population number like emigration
  • Capital city ; Ethnic composition ; Political geography ; Town ; United States of America ; Urban administration ; Urban economy ; Urban function ; Washington D.C.
  • Presentation of economic and demographic data in this 108 km2 political entity to show the overwhelming role of Washington as a city of administration and with a large Afro-American majority. Argues that statehood is not an economically viable
  • Over 40,000 residents of Australia were born in South Africa. A survey of the demographic characteristics of migrants and their motivations was undertaken. The socio-political situation was found to dominate thinking. - (AJC)
  • A major source on the geography of women in the USA based on 1980 census data and organized into 11 categories : demographics, labor force, earnings, occupations, education, sports, relationships, pregnancy, health, crime and politics. - (DWG)
  • Agricultural production ; Countryside ; Demographic change ; Economic development ; Forecast ; Great Poland ; Poland ; Regional development ; Rural area ; Scenario ; Socio-economic indicators
  • , or recession. In all three the principal role is played by natural conditions as well as economic and socio-demographic factors, and to a lesser degree, by political and technological ones; their impact, depending on the scenario, is either beneficial
  • Rural areas feature prominently in the development of Wielkopolska region. However, they display wide differences in terms of demographic situation, intensity of agricultural production organisation, other economic and socio-cultural functions
  • Demographic Atlas of Albania : pilot project for a National Atlas Information System in a South East European transformation country
  • One decade after Albania's political turnaround in 1990, a GIS-based information system has been developed and implemented within the scope of a joint DAAD-Stability Pact Research and Development project with geographical institutions in Albania
  • , Kosova and Germany. A major objective of this project is to provide up-to-date, easy-to-access information on the demographic situation and developments in Albania based on the latest census data and other information. To process and visualise statistical
  • Demographic, economic, socio-cultural and political facts nowadays in the French Pacific Territories in Pacific Island States.
  • Aborigines ; Assam ; Clandestine immigration ; Conflict ; Ethnic community ; Immigration ; India ; Policy ; Political life
  • Assam and its indigenous people are today confronted by an unprecedent crisis in as much as the demographic avalanche from Bangladesh continues to overwhelm the entire State. The unabated infiltration from Bangladesh is not a new phenomenon. It has
  • a long history, first engineered by colonial rulers and subsequently promoted by fundamentalist forces, aided by political brokers. Assam's electoral rolls are flooded with the names of hundreds of thousand of Bangladeshi infiltrators. More opportunities
  • for illegal migrants to step in are the making and the conspirators are trying to create a civil war-like situation in Assam. Vote-bank politics have dominated the political scene in Assam since independence. The future of this northeastern State depends
  • Finding common ground : unity in diversity in the political mobilization of U.S. Hispanics
  • Demographic structure ; Election ; Ethnic minority ; Hispanics ; Living standard ; Minority ; Policy ; Population distribution ; Social status ; United States