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  • A geographical political economy of evolution in economic geography
  • Economic geography ; Institution ; Political economy ; Political geography
  • Political and economic change in Spanish agriculture, 1950-85
  • The economic and political development of the Sudan
  • Ivory Coast| political stability and economic growth. Part. 2
  • The political economy of economic underdevelopment and external migration in Nepal
  • Atlas escolar de Catalunya : fisic, politic, economic, historic
  • Atlas ; Catalonia ; Economic geography ; Historical geography ; Map ; Physical geography ; Political geography ; School atlas ; Spain
  • Honduras : studying the economic and political geography of a banana republic
  • Economic geography ; Honduras ; Political geography ; Secondary education ; Teaching of geography
  • Nation-states in continental markets: the political geography of free trade
  • Economic impact ; Economic theory ; Free trade ; Geopolitics ; International trade ; Nation-state ; Political geography
  • History of the free-trade idea and what it means in economic and political terms. Case study of the consequences of the Canada-U.S. free trade agreement on Canada shows that it is not a compretely benign idea. - (DWG)
  • Evolutionary economic geography, institutions, and political economy
  • Economic geography ; Economic policy ; Institution
  • The evolving local economic development in Mafikeng : a contested terrain between political and profit interests
  • The paper examines the politics behind the economics of local economic development in Mafikeng, capital of North-West Province. Conflict between the City Council and local community groups hampered the initial stages of post-apartheid local economic
  • development. It is argued that the concept of local dependence provides a useful window on the politics of the enterprise. - (AJC)
  • The politics of state divestiture in Ghana
  • Divestiture of the state-owned enterprises is only one aspect of the solution to Ghana's economic problems.―(EMS)
  • International migration and the politics of admission and exclusion in postwar Europe
  • Destination country ; Europe ; Immigration ; Immigration policy ; International migration ; Naturalization ; Political geography ; Refugees ; Sovereignty
  • The paper provides a discussion of the complex economic, political and social forces impinging on the politics of admission and exclusion and an analysis of how these forces have been operating in a particular historical and geographical context
  • Evolution in economic geography : institutions, political economy, and adaptation
  • Adaptation ; Economic geography ; Institution ; Political economy
  • Socialist geography in England : J.F. Horrabin and a workers' economic and political geography
  • Biography ; Discourse ; Economic geography ; England ; Historical geography ; History of geography ; Political geography ; Socialism ; United Kingdom
  • The participation of Australian Aboriginal women in a changing political environment in Gender and political geography.
  • In pre-European times, Aboriginal women played very important economic roles in their societies, in the religious and political spheres. Today, the variation in the position of women in the society is enormous. At the macro-scale of Australian
  • politics, they have been largely ignored. This runs counter to the position at the micro-level where both women and men hold political power.
  • Local politics and economic geography : information aggregation and polarization
  • District ; Economic geography ; Economic sector ; Election ; Electoral behaviour ; Information ; Local policy ; Polarization ; Stratification ; Trade ; United States of America
  • economic geography model, agglomeration occurs for economic reasons, whereas voter stratification occurs due to political preferences. When trade is more costly, people tend to agglomerate for economic reasons, resulting in full information equivalence
  • in the political sector. Under free trade, people sort themselves into districts, most of which are polarized, resulting in no full information equivalence in these districts.
  • [b1] Dept. of Economics, Washington Univ., St. Louis, Etats-Unis
  • [b2] Faculty of Economics, Univ., Tokyo, Japon
  • Himalayan political economy : more myths in the closet?
  • This essay, whose aim is to specify the political and economic assumptions of the theory of Himalayan environmental degradation , has generated a lucid commentary by M. THOMPSON on pp. 182-185. - (DWG)
  • Placing power/siting space: the politics of global and local in the New World Order
  • Economic system ; Geopolitics ; Information ; National territory ; Political geography ; Power ; Social system ; Sovereignty ; State ; View of the world ; World economic order
  • The logic of drawing political borders and defining national territory in space as it has been articulated by the theory of political realism is questioned. The dynamics of globalization operating in high-technology informational production systems
  • The transformation of local politics: manufacturing plant closures and governing coalition fragmentation
  • Economic restructuring ; Factor of production ; Factory closure ; Government intervention ; Local authority ; Local policy ; Political geography ; United States of America ; Urban policy
  • A mecanism for regime change is suggested: under conditions of economic restructuring and the subsequent fiscal train, non-local actors (national political actors operating through party connections) can manipulate local political dependencies