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  • Political and economic change in Spanish agriculture, 1950-85
  • The political ecology of nuclear power in Ireland or, how nuclear wastes
  • The politics of East-West communication in Europe.
  • Zelfstandige en onzekfstandige kernen. Een politiek-geografische benadering. (Independent and dependent settlements. A political geography approach)
  • The author shows that more insight is necessary in the influence the municipality as a political system exerts on the development of spatial entities within its borders. (AGD).
  • Glacier-skiing areas in Austria : a socio-political perspective
  • Environmental politics in Britain : new paradigm or placebo ?
  • International symposium on political geography
  • The Reform of planning law: a study of the legal, political and administrative reform of the British land-use planning system
  • The European Community's regional fund: a study in the politics of redistribution
  • Finnish Lapps, a critical review of the principal economic, social and political studies published in 1970-1980
  • Political geography of contemporary events II. A reapportionment revolution that failed
  • Social cleavages and electoral performance: the social basis of Portuguese political parties, 1976-1983
  • Political relations, cooperation between socio-political organizations, cooperation in the fields of education, science and culture, other forms of cooperation.
  • Regional restructuring, class change, and political action : a comment
  • C. r. dans Riv. Polit. econ., 1976, pp.677-678.
  • London and its region: constraints and obstacles at the socio-political and micro-political levels which have implications for planning in the context of urban development and decentralisation in Les mégalopoles dans l'Europe du Nord-Ouest.
  • Social, political and urban change in the GDR : scarcely existing socialism
  • Metropolitan government in the Netherlands in The urban agglomeration as a political arena.
  • Coordination of urban economic development policies in the Netherlands in The urban agglomeration as a political arena.
  • The current political and economic situation in Yugoslavia