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  • Analysing floodplain policies using an interdependent land use allocation model
  • Analysis of national water pollution control policies. 1. A national network model
  • Irrigation system operating policy for mature tea in Malawi
  • A summary of the Glasgow conference on Soviet environmental policies and practices
  • Analysis of national water pollution control policies. 2. Agricultural sediment control
  • Determining operating policies for a water resource system
  • Future sea-level rise provides a major challenge to coastal geomorphologists working in many different areas. Regional responses to a variable projected rate of sea-level rise will undoubtedly be complex and have major policy implications. Coastal
  • in coastal morphology related to eustatic factors require long term management strategies that focus on public responsibility for definitive hazard policy. Human response to vulnerability and risk in the example of New York's Long Island is linked
  • understanding of the actual problems of site management in forestry and watershed rehabilitation projects. The studies show how and why procedures succeed or fail in achieving policy goals and demonstrate clearly that determined efforts are necessary
  • suggesting appropriate management and policy guidelines to minimize adverse effects and enhance benefits.