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  • Domestic policies, external constraints and economic development in Nigeria since 1950
  • The post-1950 rural to urban migration led to stagnation in food output. With the decline in oil revenue, and the policy of industrial development of import substitute goods the neglect of agriculture cannot continue and policy reform is essential
  • Policy guidelines and planning for agricultural aid to Homelands
  • Recent trends in South African housing policy
  • Communications policy and infrastructure development.
  • The impact of government policy on indigenous housing in Ilorin, Nigeria
  • Changing rural development policies and planning in Zimbabwe : a comment in Regional development policies and planning in Africa.
  • Public policy and administration in Nigeria. Lessons from experience.
  • While primarily studying administration there is useful material in agricultural policy and the problems of the urban and rural poor. (EMS)
  • Public policy and the dynamics of urban settlement system in Nigeria
  • The high growth rate of urban population has brought many problems. To solve these, the authors suggest that at both macro-and micro-level governement policy should be combined with public participation. (EMS).
  • Agrarian change and agricultural policy in post-imperial Ethiopia (1974-1988)
  • The paper includes the following chapters : 1. Agrarian Development and Peasant Societies : The Nature of the Problem, 2. Agricultural Production (1974-88), 3. The 1975 Land Reform, 4. Producer Cooperatives and State Farms, 5. New Land use Policies
  • Land policies for urban and national development in Nigeria
  • A land policy is essential in Nigeria where over 70 per cent of the labour force work is agriculture, and where there is rapid urban growth transforming land to industrial and other urban uses. (EMS).
  • Doubts and directions in Nigerian urban policy
  • Agricultural development policies in the African farming areas of Zimbabwe
  • Industrial decentralisation and regional policy in South Africa
  • Khayelitsha Policy change or crisis response ?
  • Towards an urban policy in Nigeria
  • The spatial pattern of Nigerian urban development: some policy implications
  • Politics and regional policies : the issue of state creation in Nigeria
  • Nigerian indigenisation policy and the manufacturing sector: (with a game frame-work for evaluation)
  • The Nigerian indigenization policy: nationalism or pragmatism?
  • The impact of industrialisation policy: the businessman's view