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  • Local knowledge and the use of plants in rural communities in the montane forests of northwestern Argentina
  • a gradient of progressive geographic isolation. The isolation gradient showed no effect on the number of species identifies. Children were only slightly less knowledgeable about plant species. - (SLD)
  • Analysis of cattle farming and its impact on natural vegetation between 3,000 and 4,500 meters was conducted in the catchment of El Banco Paramo, in the Sierra La Culata, Cordillera of Merida. The selection of plants by grazing animals
  • and the vegetation changes due to the elimination of grazing were studied via experimental plots. Study suggests that the development of grazing management strategies is key to the conservation of paramo plant species. - (SLD)
  • conditions for Polylepis tarapacana. A major goal is to establish the potential distribution of vegetational formations in order to ascertain the suitability of areas for possible restoration with endemic plant species. - (SLD)
  • andean crops planted with and without fertilizer. Best sequences for yield and biomass production were lupine (NF)-quinoa, lupine (NF)-melloco, potato (F)-quinoa (NF), melloco-quinoa, and lupine (NF)-potato. weeds were not affected by previous crop