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  • Les espèces de plantes vasculaires de la couche d'herbe des forêts de pins comme indicateurs des caractéristiques du climat et des caractères des sols en Europe du Nord et centrale
  • Bio-indicateur ; Biogéographie ; Climat ; Estonie ; Europe ; Europe centrale ; Europe du Nord ; Finlande ; Formation herbacée ; Forêt ; Lettonie ; Lituanie ; Norvège ; Phytogéographie ; Pin ; Plante vasculaire ; Pologne ; Propriétés du sol
  • The species of vascular plants of the herb layer were studied at ten pine forest sites representing the alliances Phyllodoco-Vaccinion and Dicrano-Pinion. These sites are located along a N-S transect in Northern and Central Europe, between 50°28
  • in the humus-mineral horizon : (a) the content of hydrogen ions H+ and (b) Ca2+ base saturation and the share of total number and cover of herb-layer vascular plant species with known ecological requirements. - (BJ)
  • The subject of this article is the flora and communities of meadows in the Nida valley on Małopolska Upland in southern Poland. A comparison of plant lists from two periods, 1961, and 1983-1989, allowed to determine changes in the taxonomic
  • Beech ; Central Europe ; Comparative study ; Continentality ; Deciduous forest ; Ecology ; Europe ; Index ; Moisture ; Natural landscape ; Oak ; Plant species ; Temperature
  • Comparative analysis encompassed three original European scales of ecological indicator values arising in different geographical regions of Central Europe. To this end, use was made of the assemblage of vascular plant species characteristic
  • Biodiversity ; Comparative study ; Ecology ; Environment ; Europe ; Flora ; Germany ; Grassland ; Indicator ; Plant species ; Poland ; Soil properties ; Switzerland
  • A comparative analysis was performed in regard to the ecological scales of indicator values for plant species proposed by : Ellenberg et al. (1991) for the flora of Germany, Landolt (1997) for the flora of Switzerland and Zarzycki et al, (2002
  • Belorussia ; Continentality ; Forest ; German Democratic Republic ; Location ; Longitude ; Pine ; Plant species
  • and cover of plant species, as well as an average value for these species' Ellenberg continentality indexes K. direct west-east changesperteining to most groups of species with determined continentality index K were observed, especially the disappearence