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  • Geochemistry ; Isotope analysis ; Model ; Niger ; Numerical model ; Plant cover ; Semi-arid area ; Slope gradient ; Soil erosion ; Spatial variation ; Topography ; Tracer ; Wind erosion
  • This paper provides a semi-quantitative assessment of net soil flux, using 137Cs, and elucidates these patterns using topographic attributes and vegetation cover in a study area in southwest Niger.
  • Aeolian features ; Climate fluctuation ; Coastal environment ; Denmark ; Dune ; Earth surface processes ; Geographical information system ; Jylland ; Model ; Numerical model ; Photointerpretation ; Plant cover ; Wind speed
  • This study describes the geomorphological changes of the Råbjerg Mile since 1887 A.D., examines changes in characteristics of the wind and vegetation cover with time and discusses controls on dune morphodynamics and dune evolution.
  • Aeolian features ; Albedo ; Alluvial nappe ; Arid area ; California ; Desert ; LANDSAT ; Leaching ; Plant cover ; Remote sensing ; United States of America ; Volcanic ash ; Wind ; Wind erosion
  • are examined in order to assess the effect on surface albedo of rock populations and vegetative cover both inside and outside the streak. Rock abundances, both at the surface and at depth, were documented, a particle size analysis was made of subsurface rocks
  • , and the plant population was characterized inside and outside of the Sleeping Beauty streak.
  • Aeolian features ; C 14 dating ; Colorado ; Dune ; Geochemistry ; Palaeo-environment ; Palaeosol ; Plant cover ; Quaternary ; Sand ; Stratigraphy ; Trace-element ; United States of America ; Wind
  • Stabilized eolian deposits, mostly parabolic dunes and sand sheets, cover much of the landscape of northeastern Colorado and adjacent parts of southwestern Nebraska in four geographically distinct dune fields. Stratigraphic and soil geomorphic