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  • Alps (The) ; Austria ; Carbonate dissolution ; Geomorphometry ; Grassland ; Karren ; Karst ; Mountain ; Pine ; Plant cover ; Slope
  • The AA. compared karren formation of various slopes (3 bare slopes and 2 with a plant patch) in a glacier valley close to Tragl peak (in Totes Gebirge, Austria). It could be established that bare slopes have a larger average specific width, channel
  • shape and channel density. The dynamics of karren features are different on the bare slopes and slopes fed from a plant patch. Karren features tend to widen on bare slopes, while they tend to deepen on slopes with a plant patch. The specific width
  • Development of covered karstic dolines in ground ice environment (Eastern Alps, Austria). Interests of experimental and mathematical modelling
  • melting phenomena, and based on this they calculated its melting speed. Due to the air circulation in the karst, the lower level of the ground ice starts to melt and the covering sediment particles fall down. Thus the thinned covering sediments will fall
  • Soil CO2 content of areas with different vegetation coverings was investigated in alpine terrains (Totes Gebirge, Austria). Dissolution of limestone was compared on slopes with vegetation patches (grass or dwarf pine) and on bare slopes. Dissolution