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  • China ; Forest ; Plant species ; Soil erosion ; South-Eastern China ; Spatial analysis ; Splash ; Subtropical zone ; Water erosion ; Zhejiang
  • show that the erosive power of throughfall drops is 2.59 times higher compared to the open field. Moreover, the results show that the erosion potential under forest is related to the forest structure, especially height and canopy cover, and is species
  • Cultivated land ; Erosion rate ; Isotope analysis ; Methodology ; Mountain ; Plant canopy ; Quantitative analysis ; Rill wash ; Snow ; Soil erosion ; Switzerland ; Uri ; Water erosion
  • are focused. The AA. distinguish between sediment traps and sediment cups to determine erosion rates bi-weekly in 2007 and 2008, and Cesium-137 based measurements to measure long term erosion rates since 1986. They investigate 3 different land cover types
  • of both rain simulators were comparable, but kinetic energy and drop size differed for both simulators from natural rain. The results demonstrate that vegetation cover plays a crucial role in alpine soils for soil structure stability and erosion.