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  • Deterioration in soil structure and removal of protective plant cover are important factors in erosion. The problem should be studied by inter-disciplinary teams to advise rural peoples and help them to prevent erosion. (EMS).
  • The author designs a multidimensional scenario for the leisure and tourism sector, in a time horizon of about 20 years. This scenario, which is directed to planners, covers the relevant economic, sociocultural, ecological, technological
  • 16 factors influencing touristic potentials are coded and evaluated: slope conditions, altitude, water supply, hours of sunshine, cloudy days, snow-cover, vegetation, land use, animals, natural sights, as well as infrastructural and institutional
  • The second part of the study covers zink, lead, and tin on global and national scales, describing mining, trade and processing. - (DLO)
  • The aim of this study is to comprehensively discuss the field of research embracing Women and the built environment. In this study the following aspects, among others, are covered: the woman as user of the built environment, as expert on her own
  • and possibly accumulating to disastrous effects. Investigations cover the determination of pesticide contents in the environment, the medical examination of population and the distribution of questionnaires. (DLO).
  • Information upon the extent of world hunger is available in four World Food Surveys covering the period 1934-38 to 1972-74. There are problems in interpreting changes in the extent of the problem over this period due to changes in the methods
  • The metropolitan city-centre is mainly part of the public sphere within the individual activity system (that covers several parts of the metropolitan area: professional sphere, neighbourly sphere, private sphere...). How the city-centre environment
  • The yearbook is divided into four sections: 1An annual review and conference report to give an overview of contemporary changes and trends. Special sections cover the developments in Europe and the USA. 2A legislative review to give a summary