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  • The Ross Ice Shelf oxygen isotopic profile at station J-9 covers at least the last 30,000 yr.
  • The AA. hypothesize that 1) many of the subhorizontally stratified deposits represent full-glacial eolian sand sheets, formed when sand supply was limited by seasonally variable combinations of ice cementation, snow cover, high groundwater tables
  • This paper deals with geological action of drift ice on the marine littoral environment. The spatial, temporal and physical characteristics of sea ice cover are examined, together with their effects in the littoral zone, especially in four areas
  • Hydrologic research in the permafrost region has focused mainly upon individual processes. This study integrates the various processes acting on a High Arctic drainage basin, emphasizing the roles played by the energy balance, the uneven snow cover
  • Churchill, Manitoba, from May through August, 1982. The terrain types were upland tundra, upland open spruce forest, lowland peat and moss vegetation, and lowland swamp covered with sedge grass.
  • steppe-tundra valley to a shallow, partly ice-covered estuary. A broader, more continuously ice-covered estuary became an embayment of the Arctic ocean. At about 14,400 yr B. P., the rising sea level finally opened the last strait. (P. A. Pirazzoli).
  • at the time of the last glacial maximum show an intensification of the southern westerlies, apparently a result of the expansion of ice cover in Antarctica.
  • and growth of the area of the subsidence and associated uplift to regional barriers between the basins. Other events : ice cover formation in the polar basin| seasonal freezing of the ground| permafrost developed since the Middle Pliocene.
  • From an examination of seismic conditions and the located site of origin for the tsunami of 1969 probable borders of the tsunamigenic zone in the western Bering Sea were determined. A chart of covering the coast by tsunamis was compiled
  • While Greater Antarctica remained continental throughout Mesozoic time, the Antarctic Peninsula was partly covered by sea. Present data suggest that the break-up of Gondwana was initiated in the Middle to data Jurassic with the first significant
  • In Antarctica, many of the rift grabens have been preserved by covering ice. Some have been sufficiently well studied by geophysical methods to be recognised at three different crustal levels i. e., the bedrock surface, the surface of solid crust
  • the Valleys: Slaklidalen and Revdalen. It proved that the Hornsund region was completely covered by the Würm glaciers about 45-40 thousand years BP. The following Würm glacier advances occupied smaller areas. The glaciers probably contacted